KENBANDANSHI - The Future of Piano (Video)

World’s First Keyboard Projection Mapping - The Future of Piano. This video was created first by producing projection files to suit each of the numerous keystrokes by the 2 pianists of KENBANDANSHI and then matching them with one keyboard at a time to the filmed footage, working steadily with much delicacy and care.

As a result of elaborate rehearsals with the KENBANDANSHI, the projection mapping of the performance was carried out in an astonishing quality, with high level of synchronization, without any digital compositing.

The brilliant keystrokes by the 4 hands which appear from the darkness in the latter half of the video, lit by the black lights is definitely a MUST-SEE !

Please enjoy the word’s first Keyboard Projection Mapping of “The Future of Piano” by the KENBANDANSHI.

KENBANDANSHI - The Future of Piano (Video)

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