Sun Ship: The Complete Session (Remastered) John Coltrane

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Label: GRP

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Free Jazz

Interpret: John Coltrane

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  • 1Dearly Beloved (Takes 1 & 2 / False Start And Alternate Version)06:33
  • 2Dearly Beloved (Take 3 / Breakdown)01:24
  • 3Dearly Beloved (Take 4 / Complete Version)06:13
  • 4Attaining (Take 1 / Alternate Version)13:36
  • 5Attaining (Take 2 / Breakdown)01:02
  • 6Attaining (Take 3 / Complete Version)10:27
  • 7Attaining (Take 4 / Insert 1)04:42
  • 8Sun Ship (Take 1 / Breakdown)00:58
  • 9Sun Ship (Take 2 / Complete Alternate Version)06:29
  • 10Sun Ship (Take 3 / Insert 1)02:30
  • 11Sun Ship (Take 4 / Complete Version)06:33
  • 12Studio Conversation00:43
  • 13Ascent (Take 1 / Complete Version)11:34
  • 14Ascent (Take 2 / Incomplete Version)04:49
  • 15Ascent (Take 3 / False Starts / Incomplete Version)03:52
  • 16Ascent (Takes 4-6 / Inserts / False Starts)01:40
  • 17Ascent (Take 7 / Complete Insert 4)04:03
  • 18Ascent (Take 8 / Complete Insert 5)04:02
  • 19Amen (Take 1 / Alternate Version)07:46
  • 20Amen08:16
  • Total Runtime01:47:12

Info zu Sun Ship: The Complete Session (Remastered)

One of the last studio recordings of the "Classic John Coltrane Quartet." John Coltrane's Sun Ship was one of the last - and finest - chapters in the story of his classic quartet. The album profiles the saxophonist in transition, from the secular to the sacred. Deepening his spiritual journey, Trane discovers the sound - the urgent cry - that marks his mystique and assures his immortality. But it was released four years after Coltrane's death, in 1971 , culled from session tapes by Coltrane's wife Alice. This double album set is the result of an extraordinary discovery: the entire session as it was recorded on August 26, 1965, with Trane, pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison and drummer Elvin Jones, with producer Bob Thiele.

Newly mixed and remastered in high-resolution audio, this special release includes every recorded moment from the session: all alternate takes conversation between the musicians, their leader and their producer more than one hour of unreleased music.

"Classic recordings by the Classic John Coltrane Quartet, an unforgettable, forever-fresh, essential part of the art of jazz." (David A. Wild)

"Recorded on August 26, 1965 (and not released until after his death in heavily edited form), Sun Ship was the final recording by John Coltrane's quartet with drummer Elvin Jones, pianist McCoy Tyner, and bassist Jimmy Garrison. After nearly four years together, this band had achieved a vital collective identity. When Coltrane moved toward metrically free styles of rhythm and melody (with tunes often based on one chord or a short series of notes as themes), the quartet's rhythmic pulse and collective interplay evolved accordingly. The title track opens with a splintered theme. Garrison and Jones group dramatically around the leader's call, then rhythmically abstract the pulse; they imply a central rhythm more than state one. Tyner crafts a monumental solo full of crashing modulations and heated single lines. Coltrane reenters at full tilt, alternating throttled upper-register cries with crunching bass declamations, using multiphonics and altissimo as the levitating rhythm boils around him. Garrison and Jones are featured on "Ascent" and "Attaining," where they unveil bold new solutions for coming in and out of tempo, and manipulating dynamics while maintaining an amorphous yet authoritative ebb and flow. The gyrating, oceanic waves of "Dearly Beloved" suggest earlier balladic explorations such as "Alabama," with Coltrane's keening tenor providing a taut melodic focus for the multi-layered, nearly ritualistic rhythms surrounding him. Tyner's great chordal waves and contrapuntal motion build to a surging climax before the saxophonist reenters to bring them all home. On "Amen," the saxophonist announces a spare modal theme that evokes swing, but refracts it through free jazz. While a summation for this quartet, Sun Ship is also an exciting if unfinished prelude to Coltrane's final period of transformation." (Thom Jurek, AMG)

John Coltrane, tenor saxophone
McCoy Tyner, piano
Jimmy Garrison, bass
Elvin Jones, drums

Recorded August 26, 1956 at RCA Victor Studios, New York City

Digitally remastered

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