Harvest (50th Anniversary Edition) Neil Young

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Label: Reprise

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

Interpret: Neil Young

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  • 1Out on the Weekend04:34
  • 2Harvest03:11
  • 3A Man Needs a Maid04:05
  • 4Heart of Gold03:07
  • 5Are You Ready for the Country?03:25
  • 6Old Man03:24
  • 7There's a World02:59
  • 8Alabama04:02
  • 9The Needle and the Damage Done02:02
  • 10Words (Between the Lines of Age)06:49
  • 11Out on the Weekend (Live) (Live)04:00
  • 12Old Man (Intro) [Live] (Intro, Live)00:30
  • 13Old Man (Live) (Live)03:37
  • 14Journey Through the Past (Intro) [Live] (Intro, Live)00:12
  • 15Journey Through the Past (Live) (Live)03:04
  • 16Heart of Gold (Intro) [Live] (Intro, Live)01:46
  • 17Heart of Gold (Live) (Live)03:32
  • 18Don't Let It Bring You Down (Intro) [Live] (Intro, Live)00:45
  • 19Don't Let It Bring You Down (Live) (Live)02:43
  • 20A Man Needs a Maid (Intro) [Live] (Intro, Live)02:23
  • 21A Man Needs a Maid (Live) (Live)03:55
  • 22Love in Mind (Intro) [Live] (Intro, Live)00:51
  • 23Love in Mind (Live) (Live)02:14
  • 24Dance Dance Dance (Live) (Live)02:26
  • 25Bad Fog of Loneliness (Outtake) (Outtake)01:56
  • 26Journey Through the Past (Outtake) (Outtake)02:32
  • 27Dance Dance Dance (Outtake) (Outtake)02:34
  • Total Runtime01:16:38

Info zu Harvest (50th Anniversary Edition)

Fiftieth anniversary editions come out almost as often as albums did 50 years ago. Some of them even deserve the treatment. As 2022 wraps up, it’s fitting that the top-selling album of 1972 gets the deluxe treatment. Neil Young’s Harvest marked a high point for pop culture that year, and it also solidified Young’s ascendancy to stardom. While the album’s biggest numbers match the expectations for the folk-rock artist at the time, it’s quirks also point to the more varied routes he’d take in the future, showing that flexibility that continues to serve him well all these decades later.

The album proper has never really lost its classic status, adding critical acclaim to its commercial success over the years. Much of the album stays in Young’s more folk-oriented style. New supporting band the Stray Gators demonstrated the necessary flexibility, but their wheelhouse was the country and folk sound. “Heart of Gold,” released shortly before the album, quickly became one of Young’s most successful singles, and stands as some of his best writing. “The Needle and the Damage Done” gains its strength from just Young’s voice and acoustic guitar.

As straightforward (if wonderful) as some of this writing was, Young was willing to get weird, joining with the London Symphony Orchestra for tracks, including one of his worst, “A Man Needs a Maid.” Critics have gone after the song for its apparent sexism, but that reading somewhat misses the point. Young’s lyric studies loneliness and relationship with more complexity than it might seem, but his arrangement’s tediousness and the song’s slow-pacing makes it feel as if each listen takes 50 years. “There’s a World” fares better, and an album dedicated to this sound might elevate both tracks, which suffer from being juxtaposed with “Old Man” or the rocking “Alabama,” (a more considered version of “Southern Man”).

Young’s fourth solo album Harvest was originally mixed by Elliot Mazer “mostly” (their words) at Quadrafonic in Nashville, while Lee Hulko mastered the album at Sterling Sound in New York. Just as was done for the March 2021 After the Gold Rush box set, this new Harvest collection was mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles, and is being made/pressed in Germany.

Neil Young,acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, harmonica, lead vocals
Ben Keith, pedal steel guitar
Jack Nitzsche, piano, lap steel guitar
Tim Drummond, bass
Kenny Buttrey, drums
Teddy Irwin, acoustic guitar
John Harris, piano
James McMahon, piano
James Taylor, banjo guitar, backing vocals
Linda Ronstadt, backing vocals
David Crosby, backing vocals
Stephen Stills, backing vocals
Graham Nash, backing vocals
London Symphony Orchestra

Digitally remastered

Please Note: This album consists of different sampling rates. See track list - behind each track is the sampling rate.

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