The Supersoul Brothers

Biographie The Supersoul Brothers

The Supersoul Brothers
he SuperSoul Brothers
The 2021 French Deep Soul phenomenon. Would you like to impress your friends by making them listen to a soul “old school” which is still well today?

Led by a charismatic and strong voice singer, this French band released his first album. Formed only three years ago, The SuperSoul Brothers takes its first steps on stage after many months of rehearsal and preparation.

The SuperSoul Brothers offer us a reading of the Rhythm ‘n’ Blues bluffing with truth and sincerity. The band sweat this music as if they were all born not far from Memphis, offering us an album that could just as easily have been recorded at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio, where the Otis, Wilson and other Sam & Dave forged their legend. . But their South Béarnais is closer to us although it is also anchored in the tradition of a land of “good vibrations”.

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