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  • 1Grace, Too05:34
  • 2Daredevil03:45
  • 3Greasy Jungle04:26
  • 4Yawning Or Snarling04:54
  • 5Fire In The Hole03:14
  • 6So Hard Done By03:28
  • 7Nautical Disaster04:42
  • 8Thugs04:43
  • 9Inevitability Of Death03:52
  • 10Scared05:06
  • 11An Inch An Hour03:20
  • 12Emergency03:33
  • 13Titanic Terrarium04:31
  • 14Impossibilium04:04
  • Total Runtime59:12

Info zu Day For Night (Remastered)

Day For Night was the fourth album by The Tragically Hip It was originally released on September 24th, 1994 Recorded at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans and Le Cave de Dave in Kingston, Ontario Produced by Mark Howard, The Tragically Hip & Mark Vreeken The band appeared on Saturday Night Live to promote the album in 1995 thanks to the influence of Dan Aykroyd They supported both The Rolling Stones and Page & Plant during the release of Day For Night Day For Night Was the band’s first album to debut at #1 in Canada and went on to be certified 7X platinum.

To the groups's fervent admirers, Mr. Downie and his band were as closely linked to Canada as the Beatles are to England or the U2 singer Bono is to Ireland. In the months after lead singer Gord Downie's cancer was announced in the Spring of 2016 and his untimely passing in October of 2017, music writers described him as his nation's unofficial poet laureate, a rock-and-roll bard who spoke to blue-collar workers and urban intellectuals alike.

Over three decades, the Tragically Hip released 14 studio albums, the majority of which topped the Canadian album charts and were eventually certified Platinum (their first three LPs all went Diamond). The band also earned 16 Juno Awards – the most ever for a band and the fourth-most ever for an artist – picking up their last two in for Group of the Year and Rock Album of the Year for Man Machine Poem.

But the band’s greatest accomplishment may be transcending their status as a key Canadian cultural touchstone to an integral part of the country’s identity. In 2013, the band was featured on a set of postage stamps and also received the Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest honors. Their final concert in hometown of Kingston Ontario on August 20th, 2016 was broadcast on all CBC platforms to a record breaking audience of 11.7 million, the second highest audience ever in Canada. It was attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On the same night, Pearl Jam performed in Chicago where Eddie Vedder dedicated a performance of “Light Years” to Downie and the Tragically Hip.

To date, The Tragically Hip have sold over a million units outside of North America and over 8 million in their native Canada.

"On the Tragically Hip's fifth album, Day for Night, the band continues to churn with the same rock & roll fervor found on 1993's enigmatic Fully Completely. Gordon Downie's signature lyrical mysteries are just as lush, but much more dark-spirited. And that's the intent, for he's looking for a listener to identify with his passionate wordplay, which is both sturdy and sensitive. The delicate acoustics of "Grace, Too" build into a scale of tripping bass loops and complex drum waves, and Downie's vocals are much desired, making it a fierce anthemic kickoff. Emotional inquisitions -- "Scared" and "Inevitability of Death" -- suggest the Hip's position to shed any type of swagger, but the dreamscapes of "Nautical Disaster" and "Emergency" rely on the power of love. Day for Night stands on the minimalism of Downie's poignancy -- nothing is overproduced and the songs themselves are left alone to arrive on their own. The Tragically Hip are artistic voyeurs, composing storybooks of enchanting beauty so that others may join them in telling the tales of life's offerings. Day for Night isn't afraid of that, presuming the band's simple acoustics. It's not an entirely acoustic album, but on acoustics it certainly thrives. It's merely a storm -- the Tragically Hip's depiction of their own rock & roll." (MacKenzie Wilson, AMG)

The Tragically Hip

Recorded at Kingsway Studio, New Orleans, LA., Le Cave de Dave, Kingston, Ont.
Mixed at S.K.Y. Studio, Morin Heights, PQ., Arlyn Studios, Austin, TX., Coast Recorder, San Francisco
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York
Producer, recorded, mixed by Mark Howard, The Tragically Hip

Digitally remastered

The Tragically Hip
Critically acclaimed for more than three decades, The Tragically Hip has been at the heart of the Canadian musical zeitgeist, evoking a strong emotional connection between their music and their fans that remains unrivalled in this country. A five-piece group of friends including Rob Baker (guitar), Gord Downie (vocals, guitar), Johnny Fay (drums), Paul Langlois (guitar) and Gord Sinclair (bass), who grew up in Kingston, Ontario, The Hip has achieved the enviable status of a band that enjoys both mass popularity with more than 8 million albums sold worldwide, as well as peer recognition through 16 Juno Awards - and the fourth-most ever for an artist – picking up their last two in for Group of the Year and Rock Album of the Year for Man Machine Poem. Their studio catalogue includes their self-titled debut album The Tragically Hip (1987), Up To Here (1989), Road Apples (1991), Fully Completely (1992), Day For Night (1994), Trouble At The Henhouse (1996), Phantom Power (1998), Music @ Work (2000), In Violet Light (2002), In Between Evolution (2004), World Container (2006), We Are The Same (2009), Now For Plan A (2012) and Man Machine Poem (2016). Through their career the band became a cultural touchstone in Canada; receiving the distinguished Order of Canada and even being featured on a set of postage stamps. The band’s final concert in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario took place on August 20th, 2016 and was broadcast nationally on CBC to a record breaking audience of 11.7 million, the second highest audience ever in Canada.

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