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Label: Universal-Island Records Ltd.

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Interpret: Easy Life

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  • 3BASEMENT03:36
  • 5BUBBLE WRAP02:47
  • 6OTT02:37
  • 7MEMORY LOSS03:24
  • 10MORAL SUPPORT02:56
  • 11CALLING IN SICK03:55
  • 12BEESWAX03:08
  • 13BUGGIN02:08
  • 14ANTIFREEZE03:29
  • Total Runtime43:13


The best album since Life’s A Beach? Upgrade your life and enrich your ears with 15 new tracks from Easy Life, laid out over 45 blissful minutes.

A world-colliding collaboration between the BROCKHAMPTON front-man and the Leicester five-piece, ‘DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY’ is a wistful, woozily West Coast ode to a love that wasn’t meant to be (Murray wrote it about a passing crush on a teacher: “maybe in another life, we could try to roll the dice, and get it right’”). The guys first connected over DM, before Murray and Kevin met in Los Angeles and started playing each other their upcoming music. Abstract asked to cut a verse right there and then, resulting in a track that became – as Murray puts it – “the cornerstone of the second easy life album” [the chorus also contains the album title]. “Kevin raps about expectations versus reality, choice, and regret. Thematically, ‘DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY’ opened up this whole world, and the desire for us as a band to create a world that was better than the one we inhabited at the time.”

It’s this world that listeners are invited into on MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…: a melancholic, uplifting and hugely sophisticated new record that will challenge people’s expectations while easy life continue to unassumingly scale new heights. Murray’s world-class production absorbs influences ranging from the manic hip-hop energy of Odd Future to a colorful visual palette, as inspired by classic Disney animation as it is the dreamlike art noveau of Wes Anderson. If ‘life’s a beach’ was easy life sunny-side-up - a rounded, realist study of Middle England - it’s on the lockdown make-believe of MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE… that Murray’s shank-sharp observations about modern British life hit hardest: first single ‘BEESWAX’, for instance, is a deadpan paean about oversharing online, the need for privacy post-pandemic, and establishing boundaries.

In 2022, easy life – an escapist band, formed on the hedonistic outlook of ‘no regrets’ – appear compelled to put their ethos to the test. An idea birthed by ‘DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY’, ‘MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…’ became this record about how our choices define us, for better and worse, and a way to make peace with things we can’t control. What’s emerged is an expertly-realized vision of masculinity, which encourages us – whether via opening up, or exuberant world-building – to find joy in the journey, not just the destination. Here is an album for unprecedented times, from the undoubted band of the moment.

The band recently wrapped their North American Spring headline shows, including stops in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and more. Next up, a busy summer of festivals, including Glastonbury, Radio 1's Big Weekend, TRNSMT, and Japan’s Summersonic. For a complete list of tour dates and to purchase tickets, please visit

Over the last few years, easy life has broken new ground for UK bands on the world’s stage. Observational, universal, and deeply personal, debut album ‘life’s a beach’ explored an escapist fantasy of dreary middle England: here was a reminder to find the positives, even in the darkest of years, told through the prism of a seaside getaway. Upon its release, the NME-Award-winners became the first band to perform within Fornite (the world’s biggest game), also making their US television debut on ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ with a rousing performance of their song ‘skeletons’ (WATCH)’. With all this done largely over lockdown, easy life's furiously prolific streak continues with ‘DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY’ and the piercingly honest 'BEESWAX' before it. Here are a band going where others don’t and bringing their hugely impassioned global audience along for the next chapter of the easy life experience.

easy life

Easy Life
How many other new UK acts - least of all from Leicester - do you know whose sound joins the dots between the optimistic gospel-rap of Chance The Rapper, scattergun storytelling of Arctic Monkeys, electronic invention of Glass Animals and velvety vibes of vintage Dilla? Few new artists announce their arrival quite like Easy Life, yet Easy Life are in many ways like few other new acts, as at home with their free-wheeling sound as they are baring their soul.

Beneath the musical bravado, then, things clearly haven’t come easily for Easy Life –which is precisely the point. Murray was raised and has worked all his life on the Leicestershire farm run by his parents, selling potatoes, plucking turkeys, and learning from an early age the value of getting your hands dirty to get where you want to be. He formed the band on a whim in late 2017 with bassist, saxophonist, singer and school friend Sam, after bonding over classic hip-hop as kids in the Midlands. Also in their ranks are Afrobeat-obsessed drummer Cass, guitarist Louis and Jordan, on percussion, keys and backing vocals. What’s emerged – albeit by accident – is a manifesto to truly live by. “Easy Life is a form of escapism,” says Murray. “Living is proving to be increasingly difficult with all the pressures that modern life brings, and Easy Life rejects this materialistic philosophy; Easy Life is a hedonistic vision. "When we coined the name there was a lot less thinking involved, but it feels like we have embodied the name over time rather than setting out from day one knowing exactly what it is we were looking for.” It’s already been quite the journey since then.

Easy Life have gone from menial jobs – ranging from farm life to stocking shelves in TK Maxx – to landing millions of streams and a packed-out year of shows and recording ahead. A love of Leicester remains at the heart of what they do, as does the candid, occasionally tongue-in-cheek but always honest attitude that underpins songs like ‘Frank’. But – thrillingly Easy Life also appear the type of ambitious young band who will grab with both hands the surprise break they’ve grafted for.

“We just want to be able to keep doing what we’re doing and release more music that we’re really excited by,” says Murray. “And we’ll see what happens from there.”

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