Project Freedom Jordan Hamilton

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Label: Mello Music Group

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Crossover Jazz

Interpret: Jordan Hamilton

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13,20
  • 1Pending Deal02:26
  • 2Freekingdom02:08
  • 3Union Station02:35
  • 4ProjectCharles02:09
  • 5Kali's Prayer03:11
  • 6Serene01:55
  • 7DearJohn02:17
  • 8Roses01:54
  • 9No Hope01:23
  • 10Jackie Robinson02:38
  • 11Cars02:32
  • 12Wisdom Crow04:16
  • 13Fun02:59
  • 14ProjectHughey01:57
  • 15Stockbridge03:59
  • Total Runtime38:19

Info zu Project Freedom

Located halfway between Detroit and Chicago, Project Freedom was written in Kalamazoo, Michigan where cellist Jordan Hamilton began his journey as a songwriter, producer, and artist.

The new record revolves around the non-traditional ways Jordan applies the Cello to play chords, layer melodies, and create songs. This is a record about breaking limitations and boundaries - a fusion of RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Jazz.

This introspective journey is narrated by Jordan's lyricism that expresses the wisdom gained through life's lessons at home, chasing dreams, living with loss, and falling in love. These are the lessons that earned him the ability to move through this world all the more free.

This is an album made to accompany you through all of life's changes.

Jordan Hamilton, cellist of Last Gasp Collective and the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, merges songwriting, loop pedals, sample machines, and vocals to create a sonic landscape of experimental hip-hop, folk, soul, and classical music. The Western Michigan University graduate aims to find new ways for the cello, a traditional instrument, to relate to a modern audience where it can be found playing the music of Bach, the Beatles, or Chance the Rapper. Filled with an eclectic range of songs, Jordan’s set is sure to capture the heart and mind while reflecting on new horizons.

Jordan Hamilton

Jordan Hamilton
Cellist and vocalist Jordan Hamilton is a mix of mastery and maverick musicality; hip-hop influenced, rhythmically layered, melodically robust. Avantgarde, folk-soul music, a key to navigate space, time, and change, gracefully, for those who use it. Driven by diversity, drawn to the cello’s tone, cosmic strings calling souls home. “Plucking, sawing, pounding and caressing the cello to extract sometimes other-worldly sounds; melding live looping with classical music interludes, hip hop, and jazz.” (John Sinkevics, Local Spins). Shared truth, delivered and triggered by melodies, experienced as one, emanating from a deep, russet realm. Genres groomed together to represent and inquire the soul. A different kind of symphony, hopeful enough to grow our empathy, “part political activism, part hopefulness, part performance art, part soundscapes, and all entirely mesmerizing.” (John Sinkevics, Local Spins) Emotional energy crafted from integrity, immaterial and immortal, experienced at the speed of sound, with a bit of bounce, groove by the ounce, and all the jump you’ll need to move.

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