Sepia Ensemble & Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak

Biographie Sepia Ensemble & Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak

Sepia Ensemble & Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak
Sepia Ensemble
was founded in 2012 in Ignacy Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań by Artur Kroschel and Rafał Zapała, both composers.

Core of the group consists of 11 musicians who has a great passion for performing contemporary music. They perform in various combinations - from solos to big ensembles. The Ensemble organizes its concerts in cultural institutions of Poznań City. They are also trying to fill some unconventional spaces with new music, extending their expression by using electronics. Its repertoire covers Polish composer's pieces, as well as the music of the interesting composers of the whole world.

In December 2012 the ensemble realized the John Cage's Year Project consisted of the pieces by the American artist. In 2013 they gave two concerts during the "Musicacoustica" Festival in Beijing.

Since 2013 they are acting as the ensemble-in-residence of the Poznan Music Spring Contemporary Music Festival.

Since 2014 they are carrying out their original project called Zooming - the cycle of concerts focused on the music from the particular country.

The group performed during Intenational Composers Forum in Poznań, Estonian Music Days in Tallinn, Festiwal Probaltica, Randfestspiele Zepernik in Zepernick, Composers Portraits Cycle, Musica Moderna, Festiwal Sonus ex Machina, Festiwal Nowa Muzyka, International Contemporary Music Festival in Teheran as well as in foreign cultural institutions which are intensively promoting the contemporary music, e.g. Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, Senghor Espace in Brussels or Foyer Européen in Luxembourg.

Since 2016 the ensemble is officially working under the patronage of the Academy of Music in Poznań.

In 2017 they were invited by composer Reinhard Karger to take part in Vienna Music Univeristy 200-anniversary concert.

In 2018 Sepia Ensemble has become officially an artist-in-residence of the Lower Silesia Philharmonic in Jelenia Góra.

In November 2019 they were invited to give a performance during International Festival LOOP 11 in Brussels.

In September 2020 they are going to record their first CD in cooperation with the DUX Recording Producers.

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