Dialogues Balázs Rodek

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Label: Hunnia Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

Interpret: Balázs Rodek

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FLAC 192 $ 14,50
  • 1Sergey’s Largo11:44
  • 2Morning Paulkate05:41
  • 3Office Hours04:45
  • 4Sunset Rider08:01
  • 5Evening Marminal11:35
  • 6Memories Found09:21
  • 7Fortland Ballcourts08:23
  • Total Runtime59:30

Info zu Dialogues

Balázs Rodek tells us “Playing live is always special. I like the whole process, for me it is like preparing for an Olympic event.

I start preparing weeks before the gig. The goal is to know the songs really well, really deep, to know every aspect of the material, to get your best shape for the concert. When I practice, I always look for new ideas, fresh thoughts for a song, even if I played that for a long time. Because in this way I believe you can open the door for all the good energies that hopefully will occur during your concert and minimize the risk of making mistakes.

Mistakes… well, we are not machines. We do mistakes – sometimes you hit the wrong note at the wrong time etc., but for me it doesn’t matter. Mistakes make the music live, so I try to handle them as a part of the music. How can I make them sound good? How can we make them fit into context? That is the point I think.

Of course, the preparation period can be frustrating, exhausting. Sometimes it is really hard to concentrate, hard to get the motivation, to face self-doubt—just like training for a sport event. But in the end, I know all is worth it.”

Balázs Rodek, guitar
Ádám Bögöthy, double bass
Dániel Ferenc Szabó, drums

Balázs Rodek
is a guitarist, composer, teacher. He started playing guitar at the age of 15. He studied for three years at the Etűd Conservatory in Budapest. Afterwards he continued his studies at the Jazz Department of Kodolányi János University with Miklós Birta and István Gyárfás. He is currently studying classical composition with Árpád Barabás, among others. On several occasions, he has had the chance of attending masterclasses with top New York jazz guitarists such as Jonathan Kreisberg and Peter Mazza.

Ádám Bögöthy
He began his musical studies on guitar, but also studied the double bass, which increasingly took over the role of primary instrument in his professional life. He graduated in 2013 with a degree in jazz on both instruments. In the course of his career he has had the opportunity to work with several renowned Hungarian musicians, Mihály Borbély, Budapest Jazz Orchestra, Miklós Lukács, etc. He is the teacher of orchestra practice and double bass at the annual Sepsinszentgyörgyi Jazz and Improvisation Camp.

Dániel Ferenc Szabó
He has been learning to play the piano since the age of 9. He started playing drums under the influence of jazz and popular music recordings. He graduated in jazz drumming from the Kodolányi János College of Music and completed a master's degree in jazz drumming at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music. He is currently the drummer of Mörk and several other bands. He can be heard as a percussionist in jazz, world music, pop and hip-hop ensembles, and also teaches and works as a theatre composer.

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