Things That Are Coming Martin Krampl

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Label: Silverpot Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Classical Crossover

Interpret: Martin Krampl

Komponist: Miki Skuta, Martin Krampl

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FLAC 96 / MCH $ 19,60
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  • 1Overture04:14
  • 2Pure (Born Again)03:38
  • 3Counting The Times (feat. Bibiana Nwobilo)05:37
  • 4All Of Us Are Part Of You (feat. Bibiana Nwobilo)05:49
  • 5I Hear Your Voice (Temptation) (feat. Miki Skuta)06:20
  • 6And She Was Gone02:55
  • 7If I Were (feat. Arnór Dan)03:33
  • 8Home Sweet Home03:53
  • 9Your Life My Life07:45
  • 10Saudade Pela Vida (Longing For Life)04:00
  • 11Roaring Mountains (feat. Michael Chapman)04:10
  • 12The End (feat. Bibiana Nwobilo)05:23
  • 13The Finale02:32
  • Total Runtime59:49

Info zu Things That Are Coming

If you’re anything like me, the title to Martin Krampl Music’s debut 13-track album “Things That Are Coming” will leave you with the desperate itch to find out the nature of the things which are coming. Is it a ubiquitous threat, or is it a promise of good things to come?

There is no immediate answer which lies in the multi-layered tonality. The first single only serves to build the tension in this Classical Crossover album as dark harsh tones conflict with the light and optimistic effervescent notes. By the time the first single had drawn to a close, I was left with the affirmation that Martin Krampl may have one of the most Machiavellian composing styles we’ve ever heard.

Throwing an unexpected sample of a crying baby following a prancingly pensive piano melody in the second single was a positively Lars Von Trier-Esque move. Their ability to create urgency through perfect timing and seamless cinematic instrumental evolutions is unparalleled. Each soundscape has its own alchemy, from haunted ethereal mesmerism to dystopic Alt Rock tribalistic tones. I feel as though I’ve been put through an epic aural journey.

If anyone has any tips on how to remove your heart from your throat, it would be greatly appreciated." (Amelia Vandergast)

Miki Skuta, piano, composer, arranger
Gary Husband, piano
Synchron Stage choir
Synchron Stage Orchestra

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London by Lewis Jones
Recorded at Synchron Stage, Vienna by Bernd Mazagg

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