Andromeda Heights (Remastered) Prefab Sprout

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Label: Sony Music CG

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

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  • 1Electric Guitars (Remastered)03:44
  • 2A Prisoner of the Past (Remastered)04:44
  • 3The Mystery of Love (Remastered)03:36
  • 4Life's a Miracle (Remastered)04:05
  • 5Anne Marie (Remastered)05:01
  • 6Whoever You Are (Remastered)04:37
  • 7Steal Your Thunder (Remastered)03:41
  • 8Avenue of Stars (Remastered)04:35
  • 9Swans (Remastered)02:47
  • 10The Fifth Horseman (Remastered)03:41
  • 11Weightless (Remastered)03:59
  • 12Andromeda Heights (Remastered)02:35
  • Total Runtime47:05

Info zu Andromeda Heights (Remastered)

2019 Remaster! Andromeda Heights is the sixth studio album by Prefab Sprout. It was released by Kitchenware Records on 2 May 1997. Paddy McAloon has always written intelligent and beautifully crafted songs, but this album is so much lusher, sweeter and dreamier than previous accomplishments. Paddy has dealt with life's cruel knocks not with bitterness nor cynicism but a gentle acceptance and reversion to purer thoughts and astral escapism.

Off the back of the incredible latest album ‘I Trawl The Megahertz‘, and following last month’s first hit of remastered vinyl, Prefab Sprout have announced an exciting next batch, featuring four of the band’s classic albums - out October 25th - all overseen by Paddy and Martin McAloon.

The releases include Prefab Sprout’s renowned hit album ‘Steve McQueen’ - this time arriving as a ½ speed remaster from the original tapes and follows its 2007 ‘legacy edition’ release. An album that frequently graces critics’ “all time best” lists, it’s a record that is highly-revered. The BBC labelled it as “one of the greats. What really matters is the music. Really. If you have never listened to this album then I urge, no, demand that you do.”

The releases include Prefab Sprout’s fourth studio album ‘Protest Songs’ - an essential release for the band that secured them a UK Top 20 record, as well as their sixth album ‘Andromeda Heights’, that spawned singles ‘A Prisoner Of The Past’ & ‘Electric Guitars’ and comes on 180g black vinyl for the very first time.

Finally, the fourth part in the latest batch is the band’s newly mastered and remastered release of 2009’s ‘Let’s Change The World With Music’ - seen widely as the band’s comeback album, which received critical acclaim.

Wendy Smith, vocals
Paddy McAloon, vocals, piano, keyboards, programming, mandolin, guitar
David Brewis, guitar, mandolin
Martin McAloon, bass
Paul Smith, percussion
Tommy Smith, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Frazer Spiers, harmonica
Jim Hornsby, mandolin, guitar (on "A Prisoner of the Past")
Martin Taylor, guitar (on "Anne Marie" and "Andromeda Heights")
Calum Malcolm, piano, keyboards, programming; organ (on "The Fifth Horseman")
Alan Clark, organ (on "The Mystery of Love")

Produced by Paddy McAloon

Digitally remastered

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