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FLAC 88.2 $ 14,30
  • 1Spirit09:49
  • 2Go in the Sky03:19
  • 3Push04:01
  • 4Rocket Launch00:30
  • 5Moove It (During Launch)01:58
  • 6Space08:14
  • 7Float04:49
  • 8Buzz Sings00:25
  • 9Namaï04:28
  • 10Look Rock at There!00:14
  • 11Big Rock04:14
  • 12Sphere05:25
  • 13Return to Planet Earth00:48
  • 14Moove It (On Earth)08:40
  • Total Runtime56:54

Info zu Big Rock

Attention, take-off imminent, fasten your seatbelts! Objective: The Moon.

Such is the adventure, the invitation to travel with YR3 into space; spheres and stardust.

The Milky Way shows us its greatness and radiance. In the distance, far away, the moon, the Earth's one and only natural satellite, is a shimmering "big rock".

Then comes the time to land, in unison. A free union of notes, an informed organisation of timbres, unheard of improvisations, the deliberate association of three musicians, forcing one to float amongst the stars.

Here is a triumvirate unlike others, which uses a powerful collective style of playing; interplay in interstellar space.

The infinite is at the end of the journey; the music fuses, explores and lights up the route. (Franck Médioni)

We can therefore speak of album concept … It is indeed, even more than for others, to listen to it in its entirety … starting from the beginning, because there is a journey, a journey … A takeoff , a little step on the moon … (you know the rest …) then a return to earth with some escapades, among others with this very successful Namaï, in a nod to the famous standard of Coltrane (Naïma). Or the beautiful ballad that opens the album: Spirit and reveals the other side hidden Yvan Robilliard.

Yvan Robilliard, piano, Fender Rhodes, mini Moog
Laurent David, electric bass
Eric Echampard, drums

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