Voices (Pt. 1 & 2) Max Richter

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Label: Decca (UMO) (Classics)

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Modern Composition

Artist: Max Richter

Composer: Max Richter (1966)

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  • Max Richter (b. 1966):
  • 1Richter: : All Human Beings06:16
  • 2Richter: : Origins03:56
  • 3Richter: : Journey Piece02:22
  • 4Richter: : Chorale11:24
  • 5Richter: : Hypocognition01:05
  • 6Richter: : Prelude 603:21
  • 7Richter: : Murmuration08:17
  • 8Richter: : Cartography04:22
  • 9Richter: : Little Requiems07:38
  • 10Richter: : Mercy05:29
  • 11Richter: : Psychogeography06:53
  • 12Richter: : Mirrors02:36
  • 13Richter: : Follower05:03
  • 14Richter: : Solitaries04:49
  • 15Richter: : Movement Study05:48
  • 16Richter: : Prelude 204:18
  • 17Richter: : Colour Wheel03:02
  • 18Richter: : Origins (Solo)04:08
  • 19Richter: : Little Requiems (Cello Version)07:35
  • 20Richter: : Mercy Duet04:26
  • Total Runtime01:42:48

Info for Voices (Pt. 1 & 2)

Over a decade after its inception, ground-breaking composer Max Richter announces the release of VOICES – a major new recording project inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In a time of dramatic global change, VOICES offers a musical message of hope. Max Richter invited people around the world to be part of the piece, crowd-sourcing readings of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be interwoven into the work, which features an ‘upside-down’ orchestra. He received hundreds of submissions in over 70 languages. These readings form the aural landscape that the music flows through: they are the VOICES of the title.Max Richter explains, “I like the idea of a piece of music as a place to think, and it is clear we all have some thinking to do at the moment. We live in a hugely challenging time and, looking around at the world we have made, it’s easy to feel hopeless or angry. But, just as the problems we face are of our own making, so their solutions are within our reach, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is something that offers us a way forward. Although it isn’t a perfect document, the declaration does represent an inspiring vision for the possibility of better and kinder world.

Max Richter

Max Richter
The work of the award-winning British composer Max Richter includes concert music, film scoring, and a series of acclaimed solo albums.

Working with a variety of collaborators including Tilda Swinton, Robert Wyatt, Future Sound of London, and Roni Size, Max's work explores the meeting points of many contemporary artistic languages, and, as might be expected from a student of Luciano Berio, Max’s work embraces a wide range of influences.

Recent projects include the ballet INFRA, for Wayne McGregor at The Royal Ballet, with scenography by Julian Opie, the award-winning score to Ari Folman's Waltz with Bashir, and the music installationThe Anthropocene, with Darren Almond at White Cube.

Max's music has formed the basis of numerous dance works, including pieces by Lucinda Childs, NDT, Ballet du Rhin, American Ballet Theatre, Dresden Semper Oper, The Dutch National Ballet, Norwegian National Ballet, among many others, while film makers using work by Max include Martin Scorsese (Shutter Island).

Recent commissions include the opera SUM, based on David Eagleman’s acclaimed book, premiered at The Royal Opera House, London and Mercy, commissioned by Hilary Hahn.

Current projects include Vivaldi Recomposed for Deutsche Grammophon, recorded by British violinist Daniel Hope and the Konzerthaus Orchester, Berlin, as well as a variety of other recording and film projects.

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