HIGHRESAUDIO accepts for international customers MasterCard®, VISA and PayPal.

>> MasterCard SecureCode® and Verified by Visa

Both payment types guarantee the security of your personal data. We use the 3D-Secure verification and authentication process for credit card payments. You need an additional security PIN number for Verified by Visa and MasterCard 3D Secure Code. VISA and MasterCard have introduced with 3D Secure an additional authentication method, which helps to improve the security of credit card payments in the Internet. With this authentication method, the identity of the cardholder based on the entered password is verified by the issuer.

Furthermore for the processing of your credit card details and personal data we employ the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts all submitted information. This is how we guarantee your security and privacy: the access of a third party to your personal data is basically unauthorized. Your credit card data are transmitted to us in encrypted form. They will be treated as confidential. Your credit card data will neither be communicated to a third party nor be saved (read our Privacy Policy).

Useful tips for credit card payment:

  • orders paid by credit card are to be submitted by the credit card owner himself and only online
  • we only accept the above mentioned credit card types: VISA and MasterCard.
    We cannot accept other credit card types, such as virtual credit cards or pre-paid credit cards.

This is how it works:

  • choose the credit card type
  • choose the items you wish to order and proceed with the order until Payment Method
  • enter the credit card type, the name of the owner, the entire credit card number (without blanks) as well as the correct expiration date. You will find the triple-digit check number on the reverse side of your credit card.
Please note: Your credit card will be immediately charged.

>> PayPal

Use PayPal to pay quickly and safely for your purchases at HIGHRESAUDIO.

Fast and Easy: Pay with 2 clicks - without exposing your banking account or credit card data (you are requested to create your PayPal account only once).

Secure: Your banking account or credit card data will not be given to third parties. Paying with Paypal is free of charges for the buyers.

Please note: Your bank account will be immediately debited.

This is how it works:

Select PayPal and submit your order. You will be immediately redirected to the PayPal payment form. Please login if you already have a PayPal account. Or else, create a PayPal account.

When confirming your PayPal payment, the total sum will immediately be transferred to the bank account of HIGHRESAUDIO. Find detailed information about security standards on

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