Aleksis Liukko Trio

Biographie Aleksis Liukko Trio

Aleksis Liukko
(b. 1984) is a pianist and composer originally from Kuopio now based in Helsinki.

Liukko plays in a trio bearing his own name, which will release its debut album The Sonic Sessions in December 2022. Liukko also plays in e.g. Sointi Jazz Orchestra, Laura Annika Quartet and other bands, including ones that cross the genre boundaries of jazz.

In 2009–2013 Liukko studied at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences with teachers such as Mikael Jakobsson and Markus Niittynen and in 2019 he graduated with a master's degree in music from the University of Gothenburg, where his teachers included e.g. Anders Jormin and Peter Burman. In addition to small ensemble music, he also composes and arranges music for big band. Liukko's works have been performed by e.g. Sointi Jazz Orchestra and Bohuslan Big Band. In 2017, he finished third in the Esko Linnavalli big band competition, whose orchestra was UMO.

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