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Baptiste Dubreuil
Baptiste Dubreuil
The driving force behind the Very Dub (creation 2019) and Baptiste Dubreuil Trio (creation 2021) projects, and the artistic director of the Serres Chaudes company, Baptiste Dubreuil moves between contemporary jazz, creative French songs, classical arrangements and writing for the theatre.

After training in classical piano with Isabelle Fresne, then in jazz (Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Gueorgui, Kornazov); he trained with Denis Badault, Aka Moon and Steve Coleman...

he works alongside musicians with whom he forms different groups:

- leader of the Dub Trio (N. Larmignat - N. Mahieux)

- leader of the Dub Quartet (B. Hurault, S. Decolly, C. Boudesocque).

He writes for the Lavollé Dubreuil Larmignat Trio (record "le symptôme" revelation JazzMan in 2012).

He is the keyboardist of " ZOOT " and " ZOULT ", groups from Tours.

He collaborates with Claude Tchamitchian and the Grand Lousadzak, Jacques Mahieux, Sébastien Boisseau, Olivier Carole, Sylvain Rifflet and others.

He arranges the music for the shows :

- "Les Suivants" on Jacques Brel with Valérian Renault (record "les Suivants jouent Brel")

- IN EdiTH" about Edith Piaf with Aimé Leballeur

- "Reprise Renaud" with Hugo Zermati

Creator of sound worlds for the theatre, he collaborates with Sophie Baudeuf (Le jus de peine), Alain Hatton (suivants) and Coraline Cauchi for the accompaniment of readings and the creation of music and live performance for the show "Bleue" (creation 2020).

In the context of cine-concert, he created the music for the film "Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by John Barrymore with Bertrand Hurault (drums) and Pascal Maupeu (bass), and for the film "Métropolis" by Fritz Lang with Bertrand Hurault (drums) and Nicolas Le Moullec (bass).

He has also been teaching jazz and contemporary music at the Saran music school since 2007 and at the MJC Olivet - Moulin de la vapeur since 2000.

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