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Hanna Holeksa
Student of Prof. A. Jasiński, R. Strokosz-Michalak, and T. Herbut, Hanna Holeksa graduated with distinction from the Academy of Music in Katowice and Hochschule der Künste Bern.

Prize-winner of M. Magin International Piano Competition in Paris (1992, 2nd prize), 3rd National F. Liszt Piano Competition in Wrocław (1995, 1st prize), International K. Penderecki Contemporary Chamber Music Competition in Krakow (1997, 2nd prize), Odd-Fellows Musikpreis in Bern (2003, 1st prize), and RAHN Musikpreis in Zurich (2004, 1st prize), she is also holder of several prizes and distinctions for collaborative pianists at international instrumental competitions, as well as at a number of national events.

As accompanist, she collaborates with violin, viola, cello and double-bass players, as well as flutists, clarinetists and vocalists. As soloist and chamber musician, she plays concerts at home and abroad.

Her repertoire covers solo and chamber pieces from the Baroque to contemporary music. In 2011, defended PhD dissertation “The Piano in the Works of Karol Szymanowski”, which was the pinnacle of several years of her fascination with the composer, and work on his chamber output.

In 2015, Hanna Holeksa was conferred a postdoctoral degree in art.

Currently a lecturer at the Academy of Music in Poznań, where she is a collaborative pianist, and heads class of chamber music.

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