Biographie Labirinti Armonici

Associazione Labirinti Armonici
came into being in 2006 with the aim of promoting familiarity with a certain type of “good music”. The main focus is baroque music, in other words compositions dating from the period 1600 to 1750. But this is not all, since the association also turns its critical attention to other repertoires with a wealth of different sounds that make for highly pleasurable listening. There are no fixed ensembles, but rather groups of musicians whose number and makeup change and evolve in the course or time.

Study of the chosen compositions is underpinned by an overall approach that is closely linked to the style of the period. The use of original early instruments fitted with gut strings, of baroque and classical bows that differ considerably from their modern equivalents, and the study of myriad extant sources in the shape of treatises and handbooks on interpretation allow us to get very close to the taste and feelings expressed in the music of different ages. Moreover, then as today, there are questions of flair and improvisation that make every performance unique and special. Even programmes involving more recent music call for particular attention to the score, with what it reveals of the composer’s original intent and requirements.

Since 2010 the association has been organizing master classes on early music, inviting expert musicians from all over the world to come and share their knowledge and feeling for the repertoire in question. In autumn 2012 the first Temporum miracula concert season got under way with a series of events aimed at investing the group’s research and studies with continuity. Since 2015 the group has adopted the name BAROCKO. For Barocko17 the musicians were led in a master concert by the internationally acclaimed violist Stefano Marcocchi.

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