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Label: Paraty

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Interpret: Laterna Magica

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  • Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759): Agrippina, HWV 6 (Highlights):
  • 1Sinfonia (Arr. by Laterna Magica)03:57
  • 2Vaghe perle, eletti fiori (Arr. by Laterna Magica)01:43
  • 3Vaghe fonti (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:14
  • 4Non ho cor che per armarti (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:54
  • 5Lieto il Tebro (Arr. by Laterna Magica)01:32
  • Overture from Teseo, HWV 9:
  • 6Largo, Allegro, Lentement (Arr. for harpsichord by John Walsh)03:30
  • 7Allegro (Arr. for harpsichord by John Walsh)01:48
  • Giulio Cesare, HWV 17 (Highlights):
  • 8Overture (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:59
  • 9Viva il nostro Alcide. Non troppo allegro (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:07
  • 10Presti omai l'Egizia terra. Allegro e staccato (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:10
  • 11V'adoro, pupille. Largo (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:18
  • 12Caro! più amabile beltà. Allegro, mà non troppo (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:27
  • 13Ritorni omai nel nostro core (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:31
  • William Babell (1690-1723):
  • 14Prelude for Rinaldo01:00
  • Georg Friedrich Händel: Rinaldo, HWV 7a (Highlights):
  • 15Overture (Arr. by John Walsh)04:36
  • 16Cara sposa. Largo (Arr. by John Walsh)04:25
  • 17Mio cor, che mi sai dir ? Allegro (Arr. by John Walsh)03:09
  • 18Lascia ch'io pianga. Largo (Arr. by John Walsh)04:23
  • 19Combatti da forte. Allegro Combatti da forte (Arr. by John Walsh)02:50
  • Radamisto, HWV 12 (Highlights):
  • 20Overture (Arr. by Laterna Magica)02:45
  • 21Deh ! Fuggi un traditore. Allegro (Arr. by Laterna Magica)03:01
  • 22Quando mai spietata. Adagio (Arr. by Laterna Magica)03:40
  • 23Passacaille (Arr. by Laterna Magica)04:37
  • Total Runtime01:06:36

Info zu Opera Minima: Handel with Care

Committed to uncovering the rich potential of baroque chamber music, the ensemble Laterna Magica continues, in this release, to further the intentions of one of the greatest composers of Italian opera, offering original arrangements of famous arias of Handel adapted for two recorders and basso continuo. Reworking matter from pre-existing works was a common practice among composers of the day: even more than Bach, Handel draws inspiration from his own repertoire, plagiarising, without scruple, themes or entire passages without introducing major changes, in order to give new life to earlier compositions, while fitting them out perfectly in a new guise, without any stylistic hiatus.

Laterna Magica, recorder, cello, harpsichord

Laterna Magica
is composed of qualified musicians or teachers from the higher conservatoires of Brussels, Paris and The Hague. Preferring the interpretation of trio sonatas originating from the baroque period, the ensemble does not however ignore the historical tradition of arrangements and transcriptions, and indeed reserves a special place for these in its concert programmes. Their first CD recording, Exercitium, dedicated to J.S. Bach, has been published in 2007. Laterna Magica performs regularly in various concert halls and festivals throughout Europe and has performed several times in Asia (Vietnam, India, Singapore, China, Chuncheon International Early Music Festival, South Korea) and in Latin America (the Encuentro musical Boliviano-Europeo in La Paz and Festival Misiones de Chiquitos in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Festival Esteban Salas in La Habana, Cuba, Semaine de la Francophonie, Brazil). During these trips beyond European borders the musicians from the ensemble have also developed an educational project within certain conservatoires consisting of lectures and master classes based on both baroque and contemporary music.

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