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FLAC 96 $ 14,50
  • Arièle Butaux (b. 1964):
  • 1Butaux: Mains07:07
  • Frédéric Chaslin (b. 1963):
  • 2Chaslin: Les mains tombées du nid07:02
  • Arièle Butaux:
  • 3Butaux: Nuit03:37
  • Frédéric Chaslin:
  • 4Chaslin: Beaux amants03:03
  • Arièle Butaux:
  • 5Butaux: Drapé07:32
  • Frédéric Chaslin:
  • 6Chaslin: Ce que l'on quitte05:24
  • Arièle Butaux:
  • 7Butaux: Juin06:01
  • Frédéric Chaslin:
  • 8Chaslin: Ballade pour les ours qui ne sont pas là06:50
  • Arièle Butaux:
  • 9Butaux: Blanc09:05
  • Frédéric Chaslin:
  • 10Chaslin: L'oubli02:43
  • Arièle Butaux:
  • 11Butaux: Vert06:14
  • Frédéric Chaslin:
  • 12Chaslin: J'suis snob07:08
  • Total Runtime01:11:46

Info zu Rendez-vous

It's most unusual to find these voice, trumpet and piano together in a song cycle. The composer and pianist Frederic Chaslin delivers here the first chamber work ever written for such a combination. Inspired by poems written by Jean Cocteau, Boris Vian and Alain Duault, he explores, in six original pieces, the various styles in which the trumpet enjoyed prominence in the twentieth century: jazz, ragtime, tango. Julie Cherrier-Hoffmann, soprano, and Lucienne Renaudin Vary, trumpet, create an amazingly subtle balance as they convey the different moods of these miniatures, sometimes poetic, sometimes funny or lyrical. Each one is introduced by a very short story, written by Ariele Butaux and read by well-known French actor Pierre Arditi.

Julie Cherrier-Hoffmann, soprano
Frédéric Chaslin, piano
Pierre Arditi, narrator
Lucienne Renaudin Vary, trumpet

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