Koszewski: Choral Works Collegium Cantorum & Janusz Siadlak

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Label: DUX

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

Interpret: Collegium Cantorum & Janusz Siadlak

Komponist: Andrzej Koszewski (1922–2015)

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FLAC 96 $ 13,20
  • Andrzej Koszewski (1922 - 2015): Music Fa-Re-Mi-Do-Si:
  • 1Koszewski: Music Fa-Re-Mi-Do-Si07:13
  • Tryptyk wielkopolski:
  • 2Koszewski: Tryptyk wielkopolski: No. 1, Czerwona korona02:11
  • 3Koszewski: Tryptyk wielkopolski: No. 2, Idzie konik z miasta04:27
  • 4Koszewski: Tryptyk wielkopolski: No. 3, Wiwat bratu memu01:49
  • Gry:
  • 5Koszewski: Gry: No. 1, Baj01:27
  • 6Koszewski: Gry: No. 2, Entliczek02:17
  • 7Koszewski: Gry: No. 3, Wilk00:56
  • 8Koszewski: Gry: No. 4, Kotek01:55
  • Angelus Domini:
  • 9Koszewski: Angelus Domini08:15
  • 3 Pezzi:
  • 10Koszewski: 3 Pezzi: No. 1, Canta-Move05:00
  • 11Koszewski: 3 Pezzi: No. 2, Flusso-Riflusso06:19
  • 12Koszewski: 3 Pezzi: No. 3, Ostinato04:49
  • Trittico di messa:
  • 13Koszewski: Trittico di messa: No. 1, Kyrie03:19
  • 14Koszewski: Trittico di messa: No. 2, Sanctus04:41
  • 15Koszewski: Trittico di messa: No. 3, Agnus Dei04:29
  • Total Runtime59:07

Info zu Koszewski: Choral Works

This album under the Anthology of Polish Art a Cappella series, created together with the 'Collegium Cantorum' Choir of the Czestochowa Philharmonic under the direction of Janusz Siadlak, is devoted to Andrzej Koszewski's choral music.

Koszewski's special place in Polish music is best characterized by his concept of the choir as 'an orchestra of human voices'. Koszewski discovers in a choral ensemble the possibilities of shaping the timbre of sound analogous to those of a symphony orchestra, and (with full respect for the human voice) treats it similarly, moving in the aesthetics defined by good taste and striving to maintain a sound effect within the framework of high art. That is why all non-standard means of articulation as well as whistle and whisper, often resulting from the use of the properties of the Polish language, are employed in a thoughtful and fully justified manner, never for the effect itself. The selection of songs presented on our album, with the outstanding performance quality of the ensemble, fully confirms it.

Collegium Cantorum Choir of the Czestochowa Philharmonic
Janusz Siadlak, conductor

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