O porto di Livorno traditore (Remastered) Tina Andrey

Cover O porto di Livorno traditore (Remastered)

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Label: fonè Records

Genre: Vocal

Interpret: Tina Andrey

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FLAC 48 $ 13,20
  • Traditional: Alta è la notte…:
  • 1Traditional: Alta è la notte…03:43
  • Traditional: Stornelli:
  • 2Traditional: Stornelli12:04
  • Traditional: Svégliati:
  • 3Traditional: Svégliati02:45
  • Traditional: Storia di Beppino e di Poldina:
  • 4Traditional: Storia di Beppino e di Poldina04:04
  • Traditional: Pinottola:
  • 5Traditional: Pinottola03:47
  • Traditional: Fagioli ‘olle ‘otenne:
  • 6Traditional: Fagioli ‘olle ‘otenne02:52
  • Traditional: È un gran peccato…:
  • 7Traditional: È un gran peccato…01:57
  • Traditional: Noi siamo livornesi:
  • 8Traditional: Noi siamo livornesi01:26
  • Traditional: Addio, Livorno, addio paterne mura:
  • 9Traditional: Addio, Livorno, addio paterne mura01:48
  • Traditional: Signor furier maggior…:
  • 10Traditional: Signor furier maggior…01:40
  • Traditional: È finita la cuccagna…:
  • 11Traditional: È finita la cuccagna…01:56
  • Traditional: Al mio palazzo…:
  • 12Traditional: Al mio palazzo…04:30
  • Traditional: Camelò…:
  • 13Traditional: Camelò…04:31
  • Total Runtime47:03

Info zu O porto di Livorno traditore (Remastered)

"This song was sung by my grandfather, Attilio Fantolini, a member of the original company of the show 'O porto di Livorno traditore.' I've heard him sing it since I was a child, and as far as I know he wrote it with some friends during one of the various dinners with stornelli they used to have when they were young, to the tune of I don't know what other song (a City tango?). In 1984 a record was recorded for Fonè by the only surviving members of the company, Beppe Danese, Tina Andrei, Sandro Andreini and my grandfather precisely, collecting all the songs from the show first staged in 1974.

On the album are several songs of protest against the war, especially of the revolution of 1849, when Livorno, the only one in Tuscany, did not surrender to the Austrians, being besieged for a long time.

Tina Andrey, vocals

Digitally remastered

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