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  • 1Bleed American03:04
  • 2A Praise Chorus04:04
  • 3The Middle02:48
  • 4Your House04:57
  • 5Sweetness03:40
  • 6Hear You Me04:42
  • 7If You Don't, Don't04:34
  • 8Get It Faster04:22
  • 9Cautioners05:35
  • 10The Authority Song03:43
  • 11My Sundown05:44
  • Total Runtime47:13

Info zu Bleed American (Remastered)

In the years leading up to 2001's self-titled release, Jimmy Eat World racked up a sizable fan base through many of the normal routes for indie-rock bands (constant touring, split singles with popular scene bands, a few full-lengths and EPs on both indie and major labels). However, what propels Jimmy Eat World to another level is their uncanny knack for appealing to a wide audience by cobbling together the jagged guitar sincerity of bands like Fugazi and Jawbox with the hooks bands like Green Day and Blink-182 rode to multi-platinum success, tempering these creations with touches of power-pop and metal.

The band immediately captures attention on Jimmy Eat World's opening track (and one-time title track), "Bleed American," a scathing yet engaging fiery anthem made for radio (not to mention for uncontrollable singing along); better singles are few and far between. The band displays a punk sound for a few powerful songs before showing their skill at power balladry on the remarkably vulnerable "Your House." The true standout comes on "The Authority Song," not a John Mellencamp cover, but a power-pop masterstroke right out of the songbook of Big Star or the Flamin' Groovies.

Jim Adkins, vocals, guitar, bass, piano, organ
Tom Linton, guitar, vocals, organ
Rick Burch, bass, vocals
Zach Lind, drums, percussion

Recorded in 2001 at Cherokee, Los Angeles and Harddrive, North Hollywood
Engineered by Mark Trombino
Produced by Mark Trombino, Jimmy Eat World

Digitally remastered

Please Note: we do not offer the 192 kHz version of this album, because it was up-sampled.

Jimmy Eat World
Almost every Rock group that has managed to pack an arena has a tribute band or two. These groups roam the countryside. Like a road version of a Broadway show, tribute bands didn't originate the characters or write the parts, but they have got the lines down. And that's what counts.

Out in Mesa, AZ, in the mid-90s, some junior high friends took the leap. Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins (guitar/vocals), Tom Linton (guitar/vocals), Rick Burch (bass) and Zach Lind (drums) formed as a Metallica tribute band (all Metallica, all the time) - and why not. Imitating Metallica's lethal chops was an excellent way to learn. Eventually, they moved from the Metallica material and started writing their own songs.

Soon, Jimmy Eat World started down the indie release route gaining notoriety along the way. "Static Prevails" out in '96 was their full-length debut. Two years later their "Jimmy Eat World" EP arrived. '99 saw the group's major label debut with "Clarity." They also contributed songs to the "Never Been Kissed" soundtrack ("Lucky Denver Mint") and the Duran Duran tribute compilation ("New Religion"). Continuing to build momentum, "Bleed American" was released in '01 as the group landed on the Warped Tour. Later in the year, they hit the road in support of Blink 182.

Jimmy Eat World returned to the studio in early '04 but things didn't go well. So producer Gil Norton (Foo Fighters) was brought in. Later in the year, "Futures" arrived containing the title track, "Pain" and "Work." " The album was named one of the Top 50 Records of '04 by Rolling Stone magazine and made Spin's 40 Best Albums of the Year (#21 on the list). The group spent a large portion of '05 opening for Green Day.

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