Rainbow Lady Zamar

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Label: Universal Music (Pty) Ltd.

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Interpret: Lady Zamar

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  • 1Our Love04:52
  • 2Party In Heaven06:08
  • 3Starlight04:25
  • 4Blame Game05:02
  • 5Deeper06:21
  • 6Sweet Fire05:51
  • 7Colours03:07
  • 8Feelings04:48
  • 9Enough04:24
  • 10Angel04:07
  • 11Work For It04:29
  • 12Castles04:54
  • Total Runtime58:28

Info zu Rainbow

Nearly five years after the release of her last LP, Monarch, Lady Zamar is ready to usher in a new era with the release of her 2024 album, Rainbow.

Lady Zamar has established herself as not only one of South Africa’s most gifted singer-songwriters, but one of the country’s most versatile, too. Having previously established herself in multiple genres including pop, house and amapiano, she’s now determined to push her musical flexibility even further on the upcoming album Rainbow.

From multiple vocal surgeries to starting again from scratch midway through the process – the journey saw Lady Zamar tackling a number of stormy challenges .But she’s now ready to emerge from the rain brighter, more colourful and more empowered than ever before as she introduces Rainbow to the world.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that it’s a really cleansing process. You go through a physical cleansing of your environment and the people around you. As a singer-songwriter, you write based on how you feel. So if the environment and people around you are toxic, the music will come out toxic. SoI underwent a cleansing, I made sure there was the right energy around me so I could truly channel what I want to say on Rainbow. It’s been so empowering because I feel like I’ve taken back my identity.” (Lady Zamar)

The creative journey leading up to ‘Rainbow’ has been nothing short of tumultuous for Lady Zamar. Facing multiple vocal surgeries and starting the entire process anew, she navigated through stormy challenges to bring forth this musical masterpiece. Reflecting on the journey, Lady Zamar revealed, “The journey to ‘Rainbow’ started around 2020. It was during the Covid pandemic, and I had just released my previous full-length album, ‘Monarch,’ which had garnered significant acclaim. I returned to the drawing board, engaging in extensive tracking to explore new musical horizons.”

In 2021, after undergoing vocal training, Lady Zamar initially crafted an entire album. However, it didn’t meet her artistic vision, prompting her and her team to make the bold decision to start afresh. She shared, “We worked and worked, tried more things that didn’t work until eventually we created the song that would become ‘Castles’. It then became the cornerstone of the album, and now we had a clearer direction of where we were going.”

The process of creating ‘Rainbow’ served as a cleansing and empowering experience for the singer. Lady Zamar emphasized the importance of having the right energy around her during the creative process, stating, “I think it’s been an empowering process because I feel like I’ve reclaimed my identity in this process.”

One of the notable aspects of ‘Rainbow’ is the evident growth in Lady Zamar’s voice. Having undergone vocal training and experimenting with various tones, she aimed for a balanced and versatile vocal presentation. She explained, “I’ve played around with some lush and beautiful tones, it goes from husky to angelic. I really feel proud of the versatility I showed with my vocals.”

Describing the album as a very fun and storytelling experience, Lady Zamar shared insights into what fans can expect. “There’ll be great stories, sensational vocals, and some memorable tracks for everyone. You’ll also hear some Lady Zamar on amapiano beats on this album, and if you know my roots, you’ll know it’s a sound I’ve always been close to!”

Lady Zamar

Lady Zamar
Yamikani Janet Banda, professionally recognized as Lady Zamar, is a prominent figure in the South African music landscape. Her musical journey commenced during 2015-2016 when she joined forces with Junior Taurus, resulting in their debut album Cotton Candy.

Released on October 14, 2015, the album introduced notable tracks such as 'Mamelodi', 'Run Away' and 'Pitori'. This project earned recognition at the 22nd South African Music Awards, securing nominations for Duo/Group of the Year and Best Dance Album. Subsequently, Lady Zamar embraced her solo path.

In March 2017, her solo debut "King Zamar" marked a turning point in her career, quickly achieving gold certification in February 2018. This success escalated to double platinum status in June 2019, solidifying her position in the industry.

Notably, her single 'Charlotte', produced by Prince Kaybee, secured the esteemed Song of the Year Award at the DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards in 2017. Further triumph ensued at the 24th South African Music Awards, where she clinched the Best Dance Album title. Her musical prowess took centre stage as she headlined the Vivo Nation Festival in March 2018.

Diversifying her artistic impact, Lady Zamar participated in a concert on National Women's Day, August 9, 2018, joining fellow artists Mafikizolo and Sho Madjozi to honour women through music. She continued her journey with the release of her second solo album, "Monarch," on June 21, 2019, further enriching her musical legacy.

Her discography comprises three albums: Cotton Candy (with Junior Taurus), King Zamar and Monarch.

Accolades and recognition have consistently adorned Lady Zamar's path. Her achievements include five South African Music Awards (SAMA), Independent Music Award, DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Award (DMVCA), Dance Awards, and Darling Award, and the Coolest Female Celebrity Award.

Through her unique voice and compelling narratives, Lady Zamar's presence resonates powerfully within the music industry. Her journey serves as an inspiration, illuminating the impact of her contributions on the South African music scene and beyond. With a dynamic career and a trail of achievements, Lady Zamar continues to captivate audiences and solidify her position as a music icon.

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