Prayer's Tale: Taiko Drums & Asian Percussion Joji Hirota

Cover Prayer's Tale: Taiko Drums & Asian Percussion

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Label: ARC

Genre: World Music

Subgenre: Worldbeat

Interpret: Joji Hirota

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13,50
  • 1The Sound of Earth10:18
  • 2Prayer's Tale11:30
  • 3The Limitless Swing08:12
  • 4The Gravitational Field09:25
  • 5The Elements of Harmony10:31
  • 6Serenity of Breeze07:41
  • 7Descent of Gods and Goddesses10:06
  • Total Runtime01:07:43

Info zu Prayer's Tale: Taiko Drums & Asian Percussion

Nature, the cosmos and humanity are the inspirations for Joji Hirotas latest solo album, Prayers Tale. Single-handedly playing 40 different Japanese and Asian instruments, combined with vocals, he weaves sounds of nature, emotions and colours of the universe into a beautiful soundscape.

"I happen to be a Japanese man - but as a musician I am drawing on all these traditions to create my own style." (Joji Hirota)

Joji Hirota, drums, percussion, vocals

Joji Hirota
Percussionist, composer, singer, flautist - Joji Hirota joyously eludes definition. Trained as a classical musician in his native Japan, he has now spent over half his life in England freely blending instruments and influences to create a music that is uniquely his own. His flute sounds like singing, his singing sounds instrumental, and his drums sound like nothing on earth.

Joji Hirota was born in Hokkaido in North Japan. He began to study percussion at the age of eleven and by the time he was thirteen he was composing his own music. He went on to study at the Kyoto Municipal Arts University.

In 1972 he was invited to come to England by the illustrious Stomu Ymashta to be Musical Director and Percussionist of the Red Buddha Theatre. This was a turning point. As Joji himself says, but for that invitation he might have stayed with the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra playing Beethoven’s 5th for the rest of his life. It led to Joji becoming Musical Director and Solo Percussionist for the Lindsay Kemp Dance Company in 1977, presenting shows in Europe, Canada, South America and Japan. In 1991 the company won the Time Out award for Best Dance Company for their production ‘Onnagata,’ for which Joji wrote and performed the music.

Joji found England such an exciting place to be, “so full of possibilities,” that he has lived here ever since. The serious interest in folk music in the West inspired him to explore the folk music of his own culture long before it was taken seriously back in Japan. He denies that he is mixing traditions.

The distinction is an important one and Joji, whose English is fluent and flawless, hesitates and uses the word ‘weapon’ before quickly changing this to the more acceptably Western concept of ‘style.’ Joji Hirota’s work with the Real World label began during the 1992 Recording Week at Real World Studios, when he collaborated with Clannad founder Pól Brennan and Chinese flautist Guo Yue to record Trísan, an album which won that year’s Tower Records Critics Award in New York for Contemporary Instrumental music. Capturing the mastery and rhythmic grace of this outstanding multi-instrumentalist, The Gate is Joji Hirota’s 1999 solo release with Real World. Its epic tracks describe expanses of sea and sky conveyed with heart-stopping emotion; there is joy and exaltation, sorrow and yearning, and always virtuosic artistry, resulting in a deeply meditative and breathtaking listen.

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