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Label: Hot Chilli Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Fusion

Interpret: Waldo Fabian

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FLAC 48 $ 13,50
  • 1Dreaming in Colour04:23
  • 2Boogaloo03:24
  • 3Calm down04:35
  • 42 Deep04:16
  • 5Déjà vu07:06
  • 6Dime Nena05:13
  • 7Endiablado04:19
  • 8Get Up03:42
  • 9In the Groove04:04
  • 10Stop it Now04:09
  • 11Stop it Now Remix (Featuring WAIZA)04:35
  • 12Lady Bass01:00
  • Total Runtime50:46

Info zu Dreaming in Colour

Dreaming in Colour was produced by Waldo Fabian, co-produced, engineered and mixed by Frank Kerestedjian. Waldo composed and arranged all the tunes. This album incorporates some of Australia's top Jazz musicians, including Andrew Gander on drums, Craig Walters on Sax, Carl Dewhurst on Guitar, Anthony Kable on trombone, Kevin Hunt on piano, and Waldo plays bass in all the tracks. Dreaming in Colour was fully recorded in 'analogue 2” format and subsequently, mixed using modern digital technology. Stylistically, Dreaming in Colour is a true fusion of styles, ranging from acid jazz to Latin and funky jazz tracks.

Waldo Fabian is one of Australia’s most exciting and original artists. Waldo was signed to Warner Chappell Music in Australia. Additionally, Waldo was also signed to the iconic Australian label Festival Mushroom Records. Waldo is currently signed to a worldwide publishing contract with BMG.

A founding member of the Catholics, he is a bassist, composer and producer who has worked with various pop, Latin and jazz bands and musicians in Australia and South America including Floyd Vincent, Swoop, Amazonia, Previous releases include: Dejame Tocarte, a South American release through Sony and Loco released in Australia through Festival/Mashroom records.

Waldo has also worked extensively with Australia’s top Djs as songwriter and re-mixer. Some of this works include Love Tatoo, (Sony), Mark Walton, and Craig Obey. Waldo has had his songs worked and remixed Anthony Copping, James Atkin (EMF) and Cliff Hewitt (Apollo 440).

His versatility also includes writing film scores and for television – his song Love Addiction featured in the HBO film Purple Haze. He composed and produced the score for Ramdom8.

Waldo is a well-respected academic and holds a PhD in Music. Waldo is the author of a number of scholar publications. One of his recent projects includes research on migrant musicians in Berlin. This project will include an album by oud player Nabil Arbaain.

Waldo Fabian, bass and percussion
Andrew Gander, drums
Craig Walters, saxophone
Carl Dewhurst, guitar
Anthony Kable, trombone
Kevin Hunt, piano track
Brendan St Ledger, piano and synth
Ed Goyer, vibraphone, marimba
WAIZA, rap, remixed and mastered
Rebecca Caruana Bryant, backing vocals (tracks 8, 10 and 11)
Fiona Ta'akimoeaka, backing vocals (tracks 8, 10 and 11)

Recorded and mixed by Frank Kerestedjian
Produced arranged and composed by Waldo Fabian

Waldo Fabian (Garrido)
was signed to Warner Chappell Music. He is a bassist, composer and producer who has worked with some of Australia’s top musicians and producers such as The Catholics, The Party Boys, Disco Montego, Peter Dawkins and David Hemming. Waldo Fabian has produced two solo albums, Dejame Tocarte (Sony) and Loco (Festival/Mushroom). Waldo Fabian has writing film scores including Random 8, winner of a Bronze Palm in the Feature Narrative section of Mexico International Film Festival. Waldo Fabian published a book entitled Música De Chiloé: Folklore, Syncretism, and Cultural Development in a Chilean Aquapelago (Lexington Books). Waldo Fabian is signed to a publishing contract with BMG. He is a member of Centre for Elite, Performance and Expertise and Training (Macquarie University). Waldo Fabian has been working on a research project that looks at Syrian musicians in Berlin. This is also part of a new album recorded with Berlin’s top Oriental and German musicians. Waldo Fabian’s new project 'Viaje a Chiloe' was mixed in Berlin. Additionally, Waldo Fabian has writing a book for Routledge on popular music performance with professor David Cashman. Waldo Fabian is part of the Moviolas, an audio-visual ensemble led by professor Philip Hayward. Waldo Fabian is a lecturer in music at Western Sydney University and a member of the Institute for Culture and Society as a researcher.

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