Phoenix Eyrie

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Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Nu Jazz

Interpret: Eyrie

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  • 1Gentle Night Humming05:06
  • 2Ga-oh05:17
  • 3Karma: Ga-oh II04:42
  • 4Strange Beings03:58
  • 5Samsara04:39
  • 6Nostalgia04:12
  • 7Backlash03:40
  • 8Which is Which04:06
  • 9Scramble Dance04:22
  • 10Moopie Game04:06
  • Total Runtime44:08

Info zu Phoenix

EYRIE, an instrumental band with a continuous drum + bass drum formation, will release an album titled 'Firebird', produced on the theme of Osamu Tezuka's 'Firebird', which celebrates the 70th anniversary this year.

All EYRIE members have read the manga since childhood and have been influenced by it.

The official album of "The Firebird", produced with the full cooperation of Tezuka Productions, contains a total of 10 songs that EYRIE, after re-reading and re-reading the story again and again, extracted scenes in the story that they felt they particularly wanted to express through music. This is EYRIE's memorable first major label debut album.

The jacket and booklet will use illustrations from "The Firebird" and will include a foreword comment by Tezuka Rumiko, Osamu Tezuka's eldest daughter.

The preceding single 'Ga-oh' was created on the theme of Ga-oh, the protagonist of the Phoenix Arc of 'The Firebird'. Ga-oh, a one-eyed, one-armed bandit who had an unfortunate childhood, meets the high priest Ryoben Shonin and his dormant talent as a sculptor blossoms. The song is said to express his life, which was filled with rage and conflict.

To celebrate the release of the song, the band will be touring Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka for the first time in almost a year.

In "The Firebird", there are people just like us who are here now, living each day with worry, joy and anger, and there are many other lives sparkling besides humans. People thousands of years ago and people thousands of years later surely have the same feelings as you and I. 'Firebird' connects feelings and prayers shared beyond time and space, and the feelings inspired by this are expressed in sound in a way that only EYRIE can. I would be happy if everyone who listens to it could freely enjoy it in their own interpretation!" (EYRIE)

Eiko Suzuki, keyboards, piano
Rina Kohmoto, keyboards, piano
Takune Yamachika, drums

Eiko Suzuki
Pianist, keyboardist and arranger. Graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae with a degree in piano. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music, majoring in jazz composition and arranging, with an arrangement for wind orchestra in 2022 and an original work for big band in 2024, awarded the International Society of Jazz Arrangers & Composers (ISJAC) nominated for the International Jazz Composers' Symposium. SPY x FAMILY medley as New Sounds in Brass 2024 arranger. Exclusive composer for the jazz brass band Wind Roots.

Rina Kohmoto
Pianist, keyboardist and arranger. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music, majoring in jazz composition. Participates in various live performances, recordings and musicals as pianist and keyboardist. As keyboardist for Shingo Katori SNG Band, he performed in 'Tokyo SNG', NHK's 'SONGS' and 'Kishidan Expo' (2022) and on the 'Black Rabbit' tour (2023).

Takune Yamachika
Drummer; entered Berklee College of Music in 2017, returning to Japan in 2019. Started playing drums at the age of eight and performed in numerous gigs around Japan as a drummer in rock bands.In 2011, he participated for the first time in the Strongest Players Contest organised by five music magazines in Japan and won the Grand Prix. Since then, he has won awards at various contests in Japan. Performed six times at Sasebo JAZZ, the largest JAZZ festival in western Japan (in 2023 as EYRIE). Currently based in Tokyo and performs as a drummer in various bands.

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