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Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Interpret: Nick Frater

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13,20
  • 1Wake Up Sleepyheads00:44
  • 2The Town of Opportunities, Pt. 1 and Pt. 202:38
  • 3Mean Vincent00:57
  • 4The Town of Opportunities, Pt. 300:45
  • 5The Axe01:10
  • 6Hello Monday!02:26
  • 7Keep It Simple, Stupid03:13
  • 8Heaven It Can Wait02:38
  • 9Singing Kawai00:38
  • 10Sixteen Houses01:55
  • 11Will It Be Enough?02:04
  • 12Walking The Dog01:05
  • 13Don't Get Sentimental03:28
  • 14Closing Time04:44
  • 15Boom and Bust03:01
  • 16Man Overload01:21
  • 17The Town of Opportunities, Pt. 401:08
  • 18Maybe Marimbas00:48
  • 19Step Into The Motorcar02:48
  • 20Manifesto Man01:21
  • 21Leave It To The City04:07
  • 22Little Sister Moon03:06
  • 23So Long, Sleepyheads00:30
  • Total Runtime46:35

Info zu Bivouac

Nick Fraters 11. Studioalbum Bivouac erweist sich als ein anspruchsvolles Pop-Meisterwerk in seiner produktiven Diskografie.

Es begibt sich auf eine thematische Reise und thematisiert die Suche nach Trost in einem Waldrefugium inmitten des postindustriellen Großbritanniens.

Mit melodischen Anklängen an Bacharach, Tillbrook, McCartney und Rundgren findet Fraters Songwriting großen Anklang, insbesondere bei Anhängern von Ram und Wizard a True Star. Auf 23 beeindruckenden Tracks verschmilzt Bivouac geschickt Power-Pop, orchestralen Pop und Prog-Verwicklungen und ist ein Beweis für Fraters kreative Hingabe.

In ambitionierter Zusammenarbeit mit Melodic-Rock-Koryphäen wie Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck/Jellyfish), Luke Smith (Ulysses) und Joe Kane (The Poppermost) verbindet er diese Talente nahtlos mit authentischen Radiophonic-Tape-Effekten, Mellotron-Texturen und Pink Floyds Original-Synthesizer Dark Side of the Moon.

Nick Frater, Vocals, Wurlitzer EP200, Suzuki Omnichord, Philips Philichorda, Mellotron M400, Arp DGX, Moog Prodigy & Minimoog, Yamaha PS-55, Solina String Ensemble, Rickenbacker 4003, Squier Jazzmaster, Epiphone Casino, Hofner violin bass, Fender Mustang bass, Taylor acoustic, Harmony upright piano/prepared piano, Danelectro Longhorn bass, Squier Cabronita baritone guitar, August Förster grand piano, Premiere timpani, tubular bell, marimba, and hand percussion
Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Vocals
Joe Montague, Ludwig and Premiere drums, Amedia cymbals, Hofner violin bass, Premiere tubular bells, timpani, tam tam, and marching band percussion
Andy Pickering, Philips Philichorda, Fender Rhodes bass, Harmony upright piano, Wurlitzer EP200, Gibson J160e, Radiophonic tape effects
Chris Mulligan, Fender Stratocaster, Epiphone Casino, acoustic, pathfinding Mellotron
Jamie Whelligan, Vocals, Maton acoustic, Hofner violin bass, Squier Cabronita baritone guitar
Jake Smith, Fender Telecaster, Gibson SG, Rickenbacker 4003, Gibson J200
Derrick Coonghe, Selmer Mk VI Baritone and Tenor Saxophones
Cary Grace, EMS VCS3
Joff Hathaway, Axe
Joe Kane, Fire-bell
Scott Gagner, Transatlantic drums and cymbals
Alex Lewis, Vocals, spiritual guidance
Andy Thompson, Mellotron M400, Moog Minimoog, horse-whisperering at the synth sanctuary
Steven Wilson, Vocals
Danny Wilkerson, Vocals
Luke Smith, Greco Rickenfaker, Moog Minimoog, Mellotron M400, Arp DGX, percussion
Tom Shotton, Premier drums, Zildjian cymbals
Lenny Smith, Percussion, cosmic dancing

Nick Frater
stands out on a modern pop landscape populated by innumerable prolific self-professed polymaths by virtue of not having to profess anything about himself at all. The critics and tastemakers of the indie-pop world are more than happy to do it for him: his recent release Earworms was 2021's Album of the Year at Powerpopaholic. The previous year's Fast & Loose won Frater a five-star review, and a citation as a “pop tunesmith par excellence,” in Britain's revered Shindig! Magazine. And 2019's Full Fathom Freight-Train earned the Album of The Year honor from International Pop Overthrow, with all three adorning countless other Year's Best lists worldwide: Earworms alone ranked in the Top 20 with pop scene influencers in the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Sweden and Argentina. His new release for 2022, AERODROME MOTEL, is poised to not only follow the same flightpath but to inevitably see Nick soaring to even loftier heights.

British multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Frater lives in a land of 60s/70s sophisticated-pop, a self-confessed obsession with vintage recording techniques, and a ‘more is more’ approach to production. Based in Croydon, England, Frater’s music has drawn frequent comparisons to Bacharach, as well as Cheap Trick, Jellyfish, The Beatles and Elliott Smith. A prolific songwriter and music creator, Nick Frater has released ten albums over the last decade, all of which have received the type of critical acclaim cited above as well as ever-growing international airplay.

Were his acclaimed adventures in the classic pop idiom not enough to cement his reputation as a true Renaissance Man, recent years have seen Frater release several adventurous side-projects to complement what he calls his ‘normal albums’ each year. There's been 59 Vignettes (2020) - the world’s first Instagram concept album. 59 original miniature songs, accompanied by 59 films made from 8mm footage found in junk shops. And Earworms was accompanied by the beyond-clever meta-satire of The Rebutles (2021), which saw Nick (and some heavy friends) envisioning the solo careers of The Rutles. And this year sees the completion of The Croydon Project (2022) - an illustrated retro-futurist concept album of library-music about his South London hometown’s post-war regeneration.

Proudly immersed in the DIY music scene, Frater has become something of a ‘songwriter’s songwriter’ collaborating with several luminaries of the melodic-rock world such as Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Beck/Jellyfish), Darian Sahanaja (Brian Wilson/Wondermints), Johnny Echols (Love), Mike Randle (Love/Baby Lemonade) and Dana Countryman. Signed to legendary independent label Big Stir Records (his words, not ours!), Nick Frater also works as a producer under the pseudonym Great Sheiks. He has produced albums and projects for artists including Chris Farlowe, The Armoires, Do Me Bad Things, Whelligan, The Sweat, Annexe The Moon, and The Rosemary Works. Frater appears as musician on countless projects, notably as live keyboardist for Love (Forever Changes tours 2019 and 2022), and he even worked a night as Ray Davies’ guitar technician.

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