Messages from Water Ichiro Onoe

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Label: Promise Land

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

Interpret: Ichiro Onoe

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FLAC 88.2 $ 13,50
  • 1Diabolus Surf06:12
  • 2Messages from Water - Vocal04:22
  • 3Still Emotion03:37
  • 4Flap'n Flow03:30
  • 5Resistant05:19
  • 6Ermitage02:55
  • 7Stabiliology04:24
  • 8Messages from Water - Instrumental04:51
  • 9May Green03:21
  • Total Runtime38:31

Info zu Messages from Water

Drummer, composer Ichiro ONOE released his third Album “Messages from Water” Transmitting the positive vibes to the harsh world ! Water is vibrating by itself and constantly changing with whatever it encounters. It must be filled with memories witnessing this world, from the sea to the sky and the mountains to the rivers. A question, a presumption, a hope : “What can we learn from water ?“ There must be some signs and traces to discover. They may ensure or may not, and some could change our understandings !

"One could say, as the text of the presentation of the last album of the Japanese drummer Ichiro Onoe, that his music is like living water that changes and transforms itself according to what it meets... in the course of the tracks.

In his very personal quest What I Am that tries to increase his understanding of the world and its elements, the musician wonderfully accompanied by a very sharp quartet follows the shape of water in search of signs, after trying his hand at wind in 2014 with Wind Child and at fire Miyabi in 2018. Refinement and elegance continue to permeate the 9 original compositions of Messages From Water on the Promise land label, so much Ichiro Onoe makes his percussive instrument sing. Carefully constructed, never too long, his compositions embrace the essential flowing nature of the element that inspires the album.

The opening "Diabolus Surf" starts with an irresistible, wobbly but never wobbly groove from a very Monkian pianist. A bravura piece, the eponymous track is presented for the first time with Thierry Péala's vocals sculpting the melody, bouncing water that makes its way from the sky to the sea, from the mountains to the rivers, and the instrumental version underlines the sinuosities of this rugged journey. In the ballad "Ermitage" interpreted with a right mixture of fervor and melancholy, Geoffroy Secco's tenor saxophone gives its full measure while the drummer launches a rain of stars before ending with more dull resonances.

From one piece to another, we switch to different climates, intriguing in this "Still Emotion" which bears its name well where the pianist Ludovic Allainmat enhances the details of atmospheric variations. In "Flap'n Flow" which follows, we feel the numerous rhythmic breaks which do not disturb the vibrating and insistent flights of the saxophonist. In "Resistant" the Fender constitutes a strong alliance with the saxophone. For all participate in the brilliance as well as the vitality of this music without neglecting breaths as in "Stabiliology" which gives the hand to the double bass player Damien Varaillon to which the members of the crew are tied. Around this fresh source, maintained with ease, style and temperament, sensitivity and sensuality, the different compositions make a round which envelops us with good vibrations until the alert and bouncing final.

Impressionist composer, poet musician, Ichiro Onoe knows how to take us away from the chaos of the world in the persistence of a song which knows how to rise in power with the play of his group. Jazz as we really like it!" (Sophie Chambon)

Geoffrey Secco, saxophone
Ludovic Allainmat, piano
Damien Varaillon, double bass
Ichiro Onoe, drums

Ichiro ONOE
is a Japanese drummer who was nourished with various rhythms and styles of music, harmonies of John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Wheather Report, Bob Mintzer and melodies from his roots. He has performed with Bobby Few, Ricky Ford, Frank Lacy, Peter King, Chris Cheek, Andy Narell, Manolo Badrena, Nick Decaro, Norman Simmons, Makoto Ozone, Ron Carter as well as singers like Yasuko Agawa, Mina Agossi, Jane Birkin, Joe Lee Wilson and many more in over 40 countries worldwide.

Ichiro ONOE has been living in France for nearly 20 years. And now he felt inspired to pursue his long cherished desire – A project of his own. He first selected carefully three talented musicians who share the same aesthetic as him to form his quartet. He has been writing and saving the music for this moment to explode. The sketches he made, short stories he wrote all along with his musical years.

The title piece “WIND CHILD” is the first tune he ever composed while he was still in Japan describing the magnificent sensation of taking off and flying in a dream. A portray of a personage who was confronted with injustice and contests against the harshness of one’s life “WHAT DO YOU WANT”. A rhythmic piece dedicated to a Malian drummer “REDA”… All compositions on this CD “WIND CHILD” are by Ichiro ONOE… filled with colors and emotions!

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