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Label: Kalan Ses Görüntü

Genre: Instrumental

Subgenre: Piano

Interpret: Ceyda Pirali

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  • 1First06:41
  • 2Yedi Eylül04:48
  • 3Göç06:02
  • 4July04:39
  • 5Yarım Aşk03:40
  • 6Sûkûn04:14
  • 7Zümrüt06:01
  • 8Giderim Bu Diyardan (Piyano)04:47
  • 9Edirne Blues05:13
  • 10No Name04:56
  • 11Giderim Bu Diyardan04:52
  • Total Runtime55:53

Info zu Karma

This album, perhaps the most mature and productive period of human life, the things that need to be said, is perhaps a promise that, it is not only musicianship, it requires artists to be able to use music with great skill. Karma is a work of art in this sense. In addition to its philosophical meaning, it is also a karma of many experiences.

In fact, some pieces, such as the special feelings experienced in private life as well as the mass casualties caused by traumatic events, a kind of wreath left gently.

On the other hand, with the themes created by Ceyda Pirali and the contribution of her teammates, masterly impulse improvisations seem to make the audience smile.

In the album, we will often feel the delicious mix of our geography with the rich perspective of jazz and classical music.

We are working with us as a bedside album with the intensity of emotion and the mastery of compositions and plays.

Ceyda Pirali, piano

Ceyda Pirali
She was born in Istanbul. She started her musical journey at the Piano department of the Istanbul University National Conservatory. Her 8 years of piano education was followed by her BA degree from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Management. She then got her training in “film scoring” at the Berklee College of Music. She did her Master’s Degree at MIAM (Istanbul Technical University, Advanced Music Research Center). Since 1999, she has been writing music for TV series, films and ads with her group, Aria. In 2005, she opened her own music studio, JW Music and parallel to her work as composer, she has been working there as song arrangements writer and as tonmeister. Ceyda and her team at JW Music have been producing many albums and songs. In 2007, Ms. Pirali was elected as Walt Disney music director at Imaj Studios. She has also been working as piano/keyboard player and arranger as performance and also accompanying artist to many groups and singers. One of her orchestration projects was "İçinden Istanbul Geçen Şarkılar" (Songs that mention Istanbul). In 2011, at the Medin Music Festival (with Italian partners) she performed her own music with her own strings arrangements in various cities in Italy and in Istanbul. Ceyda Pirali is also one of the founders of the group Piatango. Their first album “Yeni Aşk” (New Love) is well liked and she and her group continue to perform its songs in various concerts. In march 2018 her orchestra composition 'Ada' had world premier in Badfredeburg , Germany.

Now a days she is working on her first own album Project Ceyda Pirali Quartet which will be released soon.

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