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  • 1Josiah Austin: Wisteria (OPIA Version)03:01
  • 2CJ Thomas: Leading (OPIA Version)02:56
  • 3Ryan Weeks: sway&pull (OPIA Version)02:36
  • 4Sophia Subbayya Vastek: The Seas That Made Us (OPIA Version)04:57
  • 5Sally Stenning, Jo Paterson: Merge Forms (OPIA Version)04:56
  • 6Alex Kozobolis: I Promise (OPIA Version)04:16
  • 7Nico Dalla Vecchia: Gossamer (OPIA Version)04:35
  • 8Jan Steiner, Tomasz Jurczyszyn: Morning Light (OPIA Version)04:23
  • 9Joanna Bieńkowska: All Alone (OPIA Version)02:09
  • 10Yuki Sakaida, Hideyuki Hashimoto: Entraide (OPIA Version)02:47
  • 11Kenneth Roderick Cowan MacLennan: Tanera Mòr (OPIA Version)02:26
  • 12Rushab Anil Nandha. Study of a Bull (OPIA Version)04:22
  • 13Benoît Pelletier: Access Granted (OPIA Version)03:14
  • 14Natasha Lin: Love Child (OPIA Version)03:51
  • Total Runtime50:29

Info zu OPIA Compilation 001

The album features 14 beautiful pieces by 14 different artists from OPIA community, and will be released sometime in the first half of 2024.

OPIA is an international community of artists that was founded by Ólafur Arnalds in 2019. Combining music, writing, and visual media, OPIA is a wonderful place for established and upcoming artists to find common ground, inspire, and support each other.

Ólafur Arnalds is launching new venture OPIA Community.

The project is designed as a hub for like-minded voices, a platform to lift up other artists working in parallel fields. An all-new multidisciplinary initiative, Ólafur Arnalds aims to bring together voices in the modern-classical-meets electronic nexus.

OPIA was initially founded in 2019 as a one day festival, the inaugural edition taking control of the Southbank Centre in London with performances from Ólafur Arnalds himself, his electronic duo Kiamos, Hania Rani, Rhye, Grandbrothers, Poppy Ackroyd, and more.

“Coming from the small, close-knit music scene in Iceland, community and collaboration in music has always been hugely important for my creative output. In this age of streaming algorithms and social disconnect I wanted to establish a place to meet, to talk and create, to inspire and be inspired. That was the idea behind the first OPIA and I am ecstatic to finally bring it back in this new and revitalised form. My hope is that OPIA can host an environment where creativity thrives through real life experiences and connections.”

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