Giuliani-Guglielmi: Complete Guitar Works Federica Artuso

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Label: Tactus

Genre: Guitar

Subgenre: Classical Guitar

Interpret: Federica Artuso

Komponist: Giuliani-Guglielmi (1813-1850)

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  • Emilia Giuliani-Guglielmi (1813 - 1850):
  • 1Giuliani-Guglielmi: 6 Preludi, Op. 46: No. 1, Moderato02:21
  • 2Giuliani-Guglielmi: Belliniana No. 1, Op. 213:55
  • 3Giuliani-Guglielmi: Variazioni su un tema di Mercadante, Op. 906:17
  • 4Giuliani-Guglielmi: Variazioni su "Ah! Perché non posso odiarti!", Op. 3 (After Bellini)11:46
  • 5Giuliani-Guglielmi: 6 Preludi, Op. 46: No. 2, Mosso01:32
  • 6Giuliani-Guglielmi: Variazioni su "L'amo, ah! L'amo", Op. 1 (After Bellini)13:31
  • 7Giuliani-Guglielmi: Belliniana No. 2, Op. 415:41
  • 8Giuliani-Guglielmi: 6 Preludi, Op. 46: No. 3, Presto02:00
  • 9Giuliani-Guglielmi: Variazioni su "Non più mesta accanto al foco", Op. 5 (After Rossini)09:25
  • 10Giuliani-Guglielmi: 6 Preludi, Op. 46: No. 4, Moderato03:18
  • 11Giuliani-Guglielmi: Belliniana No. 3, Op. 613:34
  • 12Giuliani-Guglielmi: Belliniana No. 4, Op. 713:18
  • 13Giuliani-Guglielmi: 6 Preludi, Op. 46: No. 5, Moderato03:29
  • 14Giuliani-Guglielmi: Belliniana No. 5, Op. 813:01
  • 15Giuliani-Guglielmi: 6 Preludi, Op. 46: No. 6, Allegro02:20
  • 16Giuliani-Guglielmi: Belliniana No. 6, Op. 1111:10
  • Total Runtime02:16:38

Info zu Giuliani-Guglielmi: Complete Guitar Works

The project of the musicologist Nicoletta Confalone and of the guitarist Federica Artuso is aimed at the discovery of Emilia Giuliani, illegitimate daughter of the famous Mauro Giuliani that, with his guitar and his compositions, conquered Vienna, the capital of 19th century music. Emilia lived her entire life in a continuous state of difficulty and discomfort, dying of typhus at the age of only thirty- seven. The adverse events of her life and her condition as a woman (considering that in her days it was almost impossible to express her talent as an artist) did not prevent her from reaping flattering successes from audiences and critics in the many European stages of her unfortunately short life: suffice for all the quotation of some Viennese critics who, after a concert she shared with Franz Liszt, exclaimed with admiration: "Every finger, one Liszt!”. In addition to her amazing skills as an instrumentalist, she was also appreciated for her music that she managed to publish with the major publishers of the time: Giovanni Ricordi in Milan and Artaria in Vienna. This double album includes her complete work for guitar, for the first time on an historic instrument, a 1830 René Lacote.

Federica Artuso, classical guitar

Federica Artuso
graduated as a guitar pupil of Stefano Grondona and completed a postgraduate course summa cum laude. She attended masterclasses with Sigiswald Kuijken, Paul Galbraith, Laura Mondiello and Oscar Ghiglia (Accademia Chigiana), and won awards at several international competitions. She has given concerts in Italy and Spain. She graduated with full marks in philosophy with a thesis on Vladimir Jankélévitch’s conception of music.

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