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FLAC 48 $ 14,50
  • 1Get Real07:43
  • 2Flying Caravan06:49
  • 3Upstream to Manonash07:20
  • 4Love's Labour Mislaid06:39
  • 5The Bumpy Road to Knowledge16:45
  • 6A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups36:01
  • 7The Bumpy Road to Knowledge (Alternative Version)16:55
  • Total Runtime01:38:12

Info zu I Just Wanna Break Even

From that year onwards, he focused on the idea of developing his own compositions to record a double album. When Juanjo Sánchez (Keyboards), joined the project in 2004, all ended up as The Flying Caravan.

However, the turning point for the project took place when Izaga Plata (Vocals), joined it. It was then when she and Antonio developed the voice melodies and the lyrics for the record.

With the entry of Pedro Pablo Molina (Bass), Lluís Mas (Drums) and the return of Juanjo, the project became established. The band recorded then their first double, “I Just Wanna Break Even” in Altea between March and August 2017 with the help of some good friends and great musicians.

The recording of The Flying Caravan was made in the studio of the Miguel Hernández University, in Altea, with Daniel Montiel as the sound engineer, audio mixing and mastering process, with Lluis Mas in his studio in Alicante, and with Antonio Valiente and Lluis Mas as the producers of the album.

I Just Wanna Break Even was engineered by Daniel Montiel at La Facultad de Bellas Artes between May and August 2017. The album was mixed and mastered by Lluís Mas, at Oriental Desert Studio Audio. It was co-produced by Antonio Valiente and The Flying Caravan. The cover artwork was based on ideas from Antonio Valiente, and printed from Mario Domínguez. Artwork and design by Juan José Sánchez and Antonio Valiente.

“Get Real”, opens the album with bluesy lead electric guitar and bass. Flashy keyboards are added and the rumbling instrumental takes off. Off to a good start. A little Yes-like, with those cool piercing keys Geddy Lee used to play with Rush. Later Juan José Sánchez’s keyboards take a cool bluesy turn. An instrumental at albums’ opening…yes, why not! Like an anthem, fanfare or overture.

The band’s title song, “Flying Caravan”, introduces the theme and character of this band. I think every band ought to have its own title/theme song. This one is full of wonderful keys, bass and electric guitar, before the first vocals from Izaga Plata. The lyrics are also inspiring, “Sixteen years is enough said Robbie. This has been our final dance. We have tempted fate a lot of times. Looking forward to the finish line. We were taken to this magic place. No more looking back. We were just there. Woodstock was such a wonderful place. Hang in there! It made us feel all right. In this flying caravan. Every road that we have sailed. Was a mystery that hides in days”.

“Upstream to Manonash”, is the song you have been waiting for. It opens like a Pink Floyd masterpiece before Izaga Plata’s voice stretches higher, “The only goal I wanna think is getting beyond my reach. This city smells like a set meal. As mud on an autumn’s leaf…Ooohhh water. Time to go up the river looking for hope”. Then, a great lead electric guitar solo, mixed well with accompanying bass and keyboards. Santana-like in all its magnificence. Plata continues, “Ready to travel upstream to Manonash. In search for a truth under the sun. Bye to my old life, no looking back. Till Manonash!”

“Love’s Labor Mislaid”, opens with Oohs from Plata before she sings, “Sometimes love is acting weird. And we couldn’t reach the sun. With our arrows. But this race give us more happiness. Endless aim can give us lots of time. To see more landscapes. Greatest works are never closed. Feeding our souls, we could travel without quenching thirst”. An anthem mixed with Santana-like guitar, and teamed with progressive rock rhythms.

“The Bumpy Road to Knowledge”, is an over 16-minute, magnum opus. It opens with rowing, rain and thunder. An examination of the steps of acquiring knowledge. Plata sings, with music that has a sagacious and solemn rhythm, similar to In the Court of the Crimson King. Flute is added for inspiration. The piano is another fantastic addition. Izaga Plata sings, “Lights are disappearing through the embrace of night. And a tiny ray brush the clouds and rain. Oh, this is the time everything rests in the dark. And our own dark give us a truce at dawn. No matter how far you went this day in your loss. What we seek is dust, don’t regret”. Izaga Plata continues to sing the powerful lyrics, “World is rocking the man, inside a cradle of calm. We are poets of dreaming. The truth is measured by the weight of your soul. In a new world where there is no place for lies and “make believe”. The added sax is perfect. Side one complete. On to a one song, disc two. Like it used to be in the ‘70s.

“A Fairy Tale for Grown – Ups”, is broken into seven unique parts. Part one, “Northern Lights” is a wonderful instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, orchestration, bass, piano, electric guitar and keyboards. Welcome back.

“Part II – Change of Revue”, opens with bass and well played electric lead guitar, surrounded by etherical keyboards. Izaga Plata sings, “I’m walking in this cold. You ask me how I arrived here to this senseless life. Life is full of those gaps. Don’t try it to fill it with lies”.

“Part III – S.A.D. (Solitude Affective Disorder)”, opens with Styx – like, “Sing for the Day” rhythm, with keyboards and guitar driving through the center. Plata sings,

“For so long I’m embedded in this line. Stuck between past and future. Nothing comes back nothing is the same. All my dreams flooded in the void way I feel, so alone. Now I saw the solitude behind the door”. A deep, emotional song full of sadness, despite the upbeat rhythm and excellent guitar soloing.

“Part IV – The World Had Turned Over (And I Couldn’t Hold On)”, opens with excellent soft plucked electric guitar and Plata’s voice, softly singing, “Feel this anguish. Ahhh… Hanging on to my dreams. I try I try not to forget. They live through us. River, bring me to another place”. More of the sad, redemption story is transmitted.

“Part 5 – Moonlight Labyrinth”, opens with deep bass chords and forbidding moods, amidst the Manzarek/John Paul Jones keyboards. Then and electric guitar symphony of sound. The best guitar work on the album, so far.

“Part 6 -Second Thoughts”, is another lyrical romp, full of guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards.

“Part 7 – The Sum of Your Fears”, is a great title. This mostly a lyrical song, with soft electric guitar accompaniment. Plata sings, “I use to think that lessons from the past arrive too late. Where did so many doubts, so many pains come from? Try to tame this moment, how? Present is like a wild beast in jungle frame. I dance with odds. My heart mistrusted all those around us. But I can change this feeling, watching with a gaze of love. Now I feel strong, I can see the things from above. This glance of love, makes me sing so strong. This song of madness. This is our anthem. Was born to hear it”.

They added an alternative version of the track, “The Bumpy Road to Knowledge”. It is even longer in duration, with more orchestration.

This is a wonderful two album search for redemption in difficult times. It is full of wonderful musicianship and helps make The Flying Caravan, one of the best finds of early 2021. What a way to kick off a debut album, with a double. Sit back and enjoy this full-length drama and symphony of overcoming circumstances.

Antonio Valiente, guitars
Izaga Plata, vocals, backing vocals
Jorge Aniorte, vocals, backing vocals
Pedro Pablo Molina, bass
Juan José Sánchez, keyboards
Lluís Mas, drums, percussion
Additional Musicians:
Manuel Salido, saxophone
Juan Carlos Aracil, flute

Antonio Valiente
Born in Alicante in 1970, Antonio started playing the guitar at the age of 13 with Mark Knopfler as his main musical influence and assimilating the fingerpicking style as his own.

Since the age of 18, he has been learning modern technique and harmony with different guitar teachers. As an avid record collector, he devours all types of music from bands and styles he gets acquainted.

With his first band, Yeomen, he performed live for the first time while gaining influence from bands like Camel, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes and musicians such as Andy Latimer, Martin Barre, David Gilmour or Bill Nelson.

Antonio was one of the founding members of the group Numen in 1992 with whom he recorded two albums, “Samsara” (1998) and “Numenclature” (2014), as well as the DVD “Numenclature-Un viaje en progresivo”.

Since 2000 he has been a member of the bands Malatesta Bier Band, Whiskey con Yoda, The Worms and Kamikaze Sound Express with whom he has played a variety of styles.

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