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  • 1Pineapple Sunrise02:56
  • 2High & Driving03:00
  • 3Unlovable03:30
  • 4Trouble With This Bed03:46
  • 5Desert Oasis00:46
  • 6Homebody02:49
  • 7Hard Feelings02:54
  • 8Silent Type03:29
  • 9Miss You01:01
  • 10Wildfire04:07
  • 11Sex, Drugs, Etc.03:16
  • Total Runtime31:34

Info zu Pineapple Sunrise

Alt-pop rockers Beach Weather make music for everyone. With the singles off their forthcoming album Pineapple Sunrise their breezy style can strike a chord with romantics and introverts alike. Sunny chords and jaunty riffs make their band name seem apt, but underneath the surface, one can find relatable lyrics about isolation, relationship woes, and self-image.

The trio — composed of vocalist Nick Santino, bassist Reeve Powers, and guitarist Sean Silverman — is a band of fast friends. They first linked up in 2015 and quickly delivered a series of EPs (their debut Chit Chat was recently re-discovered on TikTok and its track “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” has been doing crazy numbers on the app). After amicably taking a break from music in 2017, they reformed in 2020, poised and ready to serve up lively and — in their own words — euphoric music. So far, the tracks off Pineapple Sunrise have proved just that, proving Beach Weather have yet to reach their peak.

Beach Weather

Beach Weather
With various musical experiences under their respective belts, Beach Weather initially formed back in 2015. The friendship between Nick and Sean even dated back at least a decade prior. As the story goes, they served up a series of EPs—Chit Chat, What A Drag, and Basement Sessions—and logged quite a few miles on the road, building an audience one show at a time.

Since then, life has happened. Nick built a career in graphic design, got married, and became a dad (twice). Sean furthered his career in music production and songwriting. Reeve survived a tornado and got engaged but also stayed in the industry – touring and writing for Nashville artists, and editing for a video production company. The guys kept in touch. Nick remembers, “The conversations keep circling back to a mutual desire to make music together again. It turned into, ‘if you guys were down, I’d be down.’”

While living in three separate states, the band remotely started sharing voicememos, titles, and ideas that eventually evolved into Pineapple Sunrise. Around the same time, “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” organically caught fire. A sync on Spanish-language NETFLIX drama Control Z stirred up initial buzz. On social media, TikTok users implemented the song in a myriad of ways, touching every facet of culture from Stranger Things to K-pop.

“We never thought ‘Sex, Drugs, Etc.’ would be the song people gravitate to,” he admits. “I can relate to the meaning of it personally. It’s about having anxiety. I don’t really go out. I’m not a big party guy. I’m the opposite; I’m a homebody. It’s amazing to see a lot of listeners identify with it.”

They’ll undoubtedly identify with what the band has in store on PineappleSunrise as well. The single “Unlovable” begins with a laidback verse punctuated by claps. It culminates on a chantable chorus awash in fuzzy distortion as Nick pleads, “Oh no, oh my God, how’d I get so damn unlovable?”

“In a way, it’s a self-deprecating anthem,” he observes. “You feel crazy, you’re trying to figure out your own brain, and you’re locked out of your own head. You ask, ‘Why am I unlovable?’ It’s a relatable idea though. Musically, there’s a lot of energy to it. It’s one of the heavier rock tracks, but it’s still Beach Weather.”

“When you listen to us, I hope you feel like you discovered something new and fresh,” he concludes. “All of our songs are different from one another. We want you to play our music on a long drive through the desert or at the beach relaxing at night. We’ve all experienced so much in and out of music. Now, we found our comfort zone with Beach Weather, and we’re just kind of loving it.”

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