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Label: Mascot Records

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Interpret: LEVARA

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  • 1Heaven Knows03:04
  • 2Automatic03:55
  • 3Ever Enough04:10
  • 4On For The Night04:07
  • 5Allow04:21
  • 6Can't Get Over03:28
  • 7Chameleon03:27
  • 8Ordinary03:33
  • 9Just A Man04:07
  • 10No One Above You03:40
  • Total Runtime37:52

Info zu LEVARA

LEVARA sind Trev Lukather, Jules Galli und Josh Devine. Getroffen haben sich die drei im musikalischen Epizentrum der Welt, Los Angeles. Sänger Jules wanderte aus Frankreich aus, während der One Direction Schlagzeuger Josh Devine aus England nach L.A. kam. Gemeinsam mit Trev, dem Sohn von Gitarren-Legende Steve Lukather (Toto), gründeten sie LEVARA.

Auf einer gewissen Ebene glauben die drei Musiker, dass das Universum sie zusammen gebracht hat. Jeder einzelne Song auf ihrem Debüt Album entspringt der Inspiration aus ihrem Leben, und ihre Mission ist es die Welt zu vereinen um gemeinsam mit ihr zu grooven. Die Songs weisen einen überlebensgroßen Sound auf. Hymnische Melodien, geschrieben und eingespielt, um ein Massenpublikum zu erreichen.

Ob im Konzert als Live-Erlebnis, oder während der Fahrt über den Asphalt, während Levara aus dem aufgedrehten Autoradio schallen. Bevor sie ihr Debüt aufnahmen, tourte die Band mehrmals durch die Vereinigten Staaten und unterstützte Toto auf einer Arena-Tour im letzten Sommer. Während sie in Europa waren, spielten sie mehrere Headline-Auftritte in Deutschland und anderen Ländern und waren begeistert von der Resonanz der Fans.

Ende 2018 begannen sie ihre Zusammenarbeit mit Produzent Ethan Kaufmann in den Elephant In The Room Studios in East Hollywood. Das Album fängt unmissverständlich die Magie ein, die die Band mit ihrer Musik erzeugen wollte. Am Ende bieten LEVARA die ultimative Flucht und vielleicht sogar eine willkommene Inspiration an.


Trev Lukather, Jules Galli and Josh Devine are LEVARA. Collectively, their musical union brings life to the individual talents of three musicians that together have enriched the aural landscape for all of us. Their songs offer an escape, as all music does, with points of reflection that relate to any listener’s life.

Guitarist Trev Lukather shares, “‘Heaven Knows’ is the opening track to our album so it makes sense to have it as our introduction to The World. Fast pace, in your face rock n roll with that added LEVARA swag. The video is an old school homage to the early MTV takeover days adding our album color concept, bringin’ that sharp dressed Miami Vice vibe to the mix. We are just three guys that love making music and having as much fun in the process, so the video is simply an accurate representation of us.” If you want to get real deep, singer Jules Galli reveals, “‘Heaven Knows’ is about digging through the darker parts of your own psyche. It’s about asking questions to yourself and recognizing our mystical connection to the bigger picture, a higher power… What’s stopping you from reaching your ultimate potential?” In summation, drummer Josh Devine states, “Whatever…”

Their union merged in Los Angeles, one The World’s epicenters of musical creativity. Singer Jules Galli emigrated from France, while drummer Josh Devine chose L.A. as home versus his native United Kingdom following success behind the kit with One Direction. There they found common vision with Trev Lukather (guitar), son of Toto’s Steve Lukather, one of SoCal’s most successful ensembles to ever emerge from the city. On some level these three players believe the universe brought them together.

All of the members have history prior to the emergence of LEVARA. Growing up in Bournemouth, UK, Josh picked up drums as a kid, never put them down, and toured the globe and appeared in two live concert films on the throne for pop juggernaut One Direction. On the other side of the world, California native Trev Lukather ripped on Diamante’s debut album Coming In Hot, and on the road in addition to touring with EDM phenomenon What So Not and performing at top festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and in arenas. He also found success as a songwriter, co-writing “Love/Hate Heartbreak” for Halestorm’s certified gold debut album alongside other compositions. After emigrating from France to Florida, Jules Galli relocated to Los Angeles five years ago, and has been an attraction at the popular Hotel Café leading his own ensemble of musicians prior to joining the band.

As Galli shares, “When we started to collaborate, we found ourselves in the middle of something really fresh. My lyrics over the instruments created a new vibe none of us had heard before. We thought it would be a shame to not pursue the potential all of us were feeling.” Devine offers, “We all love classic rock, but we wanted to pay homage to it with a modern twist. Where’s the rock on the radio? Where’s the music we grew up loving? Where’s the guitar?” Trev Lukather urges, “We bring the feel-good anthems filled with emotion, tension and groove. Providing that much needed mutual escape. We are in it together. Artist to listener.”

Prior to recording their debut, the band toured the United States several times and supported Toto on an arena tour last Summer. While in Europe, they staged several headline appearances across Germany and other countries, floored by the response with fans coming out at every date. In Early 2020, they began their collaboration with Producer Ethan Kaufmann at Elephant In The Room Studios in East Hollywood. The album unequivocally captured the magic they sought to see take life.

“I believe LEVARA is a band that can spark an influence for young kids and people of all ages to pick up an instrument and feel that connection,” Trev concludes. “At the same time of singing along to anthemic, feel-good, and emotional tunes, you can incorporate the heart and soul that started music in the first place. We want to inspire our generation and the next to want to pick up a guitar, pick up a bass, pick up drum sticks, or go for those high notes vocally. I feel there is a need for epic ‘pop’ tunes to have that musicianship behind them like the classic bands we all love and admire. I believe we accomplished that with our album. If we can influence that in any way, we are winning.”

The band has plans to tour late-Spring, 2021. A confirmed itinerary will be announced in the coming weeks.

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