Light for the World Poor Clare Sisters Arundel

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  • James Morgan & Juliette Pochin (b. 1971):
  • 1Veni Creator Spiritus02:17
  • 2All Who Labour03:48
  • 3You Are Love (St Francis)02:39
  • 4Let The Love That Dwells In Your Hearts (St Clare)02:07
  • 5Gaze, Consider, Contemplate (St Clare)03:13
  • 6Earthly Kingdoms02:16
  • 7Ave Maria04:28
  • 8Pange Lingua03:00
  • 9Ubi Caritas02:02
  • 10In Paradisum01:40
  • 11Love Him (St Clare)02:39
  • 12Agnus Dei02:29
  • 13May Your Love (Psalm 32)02:22
  • 14Creator Alme Siderum02:49
  • 15Attende Domine03:23
  • 16Oh Lord Hear My Voice (Psalm 27)02:40
  • Total Runtime43:52

Info zu Light for the World

The original isolators share the music which brings peace and reflection to their everyday lives. Going back to the very roots of mindfulness, the music which makes up part of their daily practices. Offering a window of escape from the stresses of the modern world. Unaccompanied plainchant married with subtle production to create relaxing, meditative music. Designed to bring an authentic spiritual experience to everyday life. The Poor Clares of Arundel are 23 women living in a modest convent in the Sussex countryside.

The sisters "wanted particularly to lock into a younger generation," Morgan said. "They are very mindful of the fact that there is a lot of pressure on young people these days and a lot more mental health issues than there used to be. They wanted to see if they could help and give people a sense of what their community is like through music."

Poor Clare Sisters Arundel
James Morgan, keyboards
Juliette Pochin, keyboards

Poor Clare Sisters Arundel
We are an enclosed contemplative community of religious women who share prayer, work, laughter and struggles, and live according to the form of Life drawn up by St Clare of Assisi. Our life of prayer is centred around the Eucharist and renewed all day long by singing the praises of God through praying the Divine Office. We have two hours set aside each day for our own personal prayer. We also have to work to earn our living, so you will find some sisters busy in the sewing room, craft room, the garden and the kitchen. Our work though, is also a continuation of our prayer.

On our vocation of living in an enclosed life: “By observing enclosure the sisters try to lead a more intense life of prayer and solitude, while the greater recollection and silence of their life apart render intimacy with God in prayer surer and easier. In this way the sisters are able to live their contemplative vocation to the full, for enclosure is a tried and most excellent support of the contemplative life.”

This quote from our Constitutions more or less sums up what the enclosed life is. A response to the incredible love of God for each one of us and our personal love for Jesus, who we encounter daily in the Eucharist, in other people, the Word of God and from our contemplative experience of gazing on Him and receiving His gaze. In fact our common calling as Poor Clares is to be an expression of this amazing love of God to each other in community and to all we come in contact with.

Our enclosed life, even in its physical form, is a way of being with the Lord, of sharing in Christ’s self-emptying by means of a radical poverty in renunciation not only of things, but also of space, of contacts, of so many benefits of creation. This withdrawal from the world is paradoxically a plunging of ourselves into the very heart of the world, in order to dedicate ourselves in silence and solitude to a more intense life of prayer which is nothing other than a way of living and expressing the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

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