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Label: Vere Music

Genre: Folk

Subgenre: Folk Rock

Interpret: The Arcadian Wild

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  • 1Lara02:32
  • 2Dopamine03:33
  • 3Big Sky, MT04:58
  • 4Shoulders05:02
  • 5Little Bird03:31
  • 6Sparrow03:38
  • 7Corner04:28
  • 8Gàrradh Seileach04:00
  • 9Lift My Head03:54
  • 10Two Kinds04:08
  • 11Fable Of The Times03:19
  • 12The End03:15
  • Total Runtime46:18

Info zu Welcome

The Arcadian Wild makes itself at home musically: bluegrass, country, classical, pop. Its new album is making room for all kinds of influences to help listeners feel welcome.

The genre-blending string trio will be sharing music from new album, “Welcome,” to be released July 21, during Thursday’s show at the Southern Cafe and Music Hall with Luke Richard Powers. Guitarist and singer Isaac Horn and mandolinist and singer Lincoln Mick, the band’s primary songwriters, team up with fiddler Bailey Warren to explore everything from formal vocal harmonies to expressive folk.

Each member brings a variety of musical influences to create a sound that’s easy to embrace, but less so to explain. “Defining what we sound like has been one of the hardest things about being in this band,” Horn said with a chuckle.

“I grew up listening to punk, pop and rock music. I grew up singing in choir, too,” Horn told The Daily Progress. “We had the traditional stuff, as we play traditional instruments.” (Bailey Warren)

The three musicians work together on arrangements to display each song at its best. Vocal harmonies are at the heart of the creative process, adding nuance and power to simple ideas.

“Whoever originated the song sings it,” Horn said. “Where it starts and where it ends up are always drastically different — and for the better.”

The collaborative arrangement process shaped the songs the trio wrote and recorded for “Welcome” in its hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Before long, the songs began to find natural places to fit into the track sequence.

Newer songs often ended up displacing songs that had been written during the pandemic. By the time the trio entered the recording studio, “so much time had passed and so many other songs had entered the picture,” Horn said, adding that some pandemic-era tunes “were stained by the context in which they were written.”

“Whenever the pandemic was at its height, we tried the livestream,” Horn said. “The shine wore off pretty quickly for us, but it was a way for us to try out new music.”

The Arcadian Wild

The Arcadian Wild
Led by songwriters Isaac Horn and Lincoln Mick and with Bailey Warren on fiddle, The Arcadian Wild confidently inhabits and explores an intersection of genre, blending the traditional with the contemporary in order to create a unique acoustic sound that is simultaneously unified and diverse. With roots in formal vocal music and influences from progressive bluegrass and folk, The Arcadian Wild offer up songs of invitation; calls to come and see, to find refuge and rest, or to journey and wonder. Over the course of 2020, The Arcadian Wild released Principium, a four-movement song-cycle that explores human relationship, flourishing, degradation, and redemption, culminating in the release Principium EP in February 2021, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart. Resumed touring found the band playing to increasingly large and enthusiastic audiences in 2021 and 2022, with shows often morphing into impromptu sing-alongs, a true collaboration and connection between artist and audience.

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