Ping Machine

Biography Ping Machine

Ping Machine is the energy of fourteen musicians associated in the same breath and using a repertoire consisting of original compositions written and orchestrated by the guitarist Fred Maurin.

With an average age of thirty, this young band - copy of the richness of the new jazz scene in France - said his artistic goals with determination and maturity: permanent concern of the work of the sound material, diversity of forms and themes and especially close attention paid to group listening and playing pleasure. The repertoire draws on ideas developed in Ellington or Mingus and does not hesitate in leaning on these roots, to launch its homing (ideas, arrangements, soloists, guests) in the directions of the most adventurous with amazing accuracy and insight . The resulting music is dense in its way, with a modern underlying always subtly present but always keeps a great flexibility, fluidity for the listener, allowing him to perceive through the apparent complexity of the sound material that exists behind the sound. An entire music and passionate, committed and enjoyment, this big set that positions among the most stimulating of his generation.

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