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Label: Neuklang

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12.80
  • 1Ubik 105:55
  • 2Ubik 205:01
  • 3Ubik 307:11
  • 4Ubik 404:55
  • 5Ubik 504:49
  • 6Ubik 603:05
  • 7Ubik 703:48
  • 8Ubik 806:33
  • 9Ubik 902:56
  • 10Ubik 1003:47
  • 11Ubik 1101:29
  • 12Ubik 1206:30
  • 13Ubik 1305:37
  • 14Ubik 1403:18
  • Total Runtime01:04:54

Info for Ubik

After 3 albums honoured by the jazz experts, the 15 musicians from Ping Machine have not run out of ideas and comes back from the Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg/Germany not with one but two discs in the hands.

If UBIK, a long labyrinthine and fascinating suite, which borrows from contemporary and electronic music, should be considered as the centrepiece of this new repertoire, it cannot exist without its counterpart EASY LISTENING which gathers shorter compositions and makes room for lyrical passages, strong and brilliant melodies.

Agitation and Contemplation. Two ways are possible to enter into Frédéric Maurin’s universe, whose composition’s singularity asserts itself once again with EASY LISTENING and UBIK, commissioned by the French State. The orchestral material builds a powerful architecture, with in the heart the willingness of sharing emotions. The collective adventure lived by Ping Machine for 10 years over the albums is strong and impressive, and does not let the listener uninterested.

Bastien Ballaz, trombone
Stephan Caracci, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel & other percussion
Guillaume Christophel, baritone saxophone & bass clarinet
Jean-Michel Couchet, alto & soprano saxophones
Andrew Crocker, trumpet, flugelhorn
Fabien Debellefontaine, alto saxophone, clarinet & flute
Florent Dupuit, tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute & piccolo
Quentin Ghomari, trumpet, flugelhorn
Didier Havet, bass trombone & tuba
Rafaël Koerner, drums & percussions
Paul Lay, piano, synthesizers
Frédéric Maurin, electric guitar, Max 7, composition & direction
Fabien Norbert, trumpet, piccolo trumpet & flugelhorn
Raphaël Schwab, double bass
Julien Soro, tenor saxophone & clarinet

Ping Machine is the energy of fourteen musicians associated in the same breath and using a repertoire consisting of original compositions written and orchestrated by the guitarist Fred Maurin.

With an average age of thirty, this young band - copy of the richness of the new jazz scene in France - said his artistic goals with determination and maturity: permanent concern of the work of the sound material, diversity of forms and themes and especially close attention paid to group listening and playing pleasure. The repertoire draws on ideas developed in Ellington or Mingus and does not hesitate in leaning on these roots, to launch its homing (ideas, arrangements, soloists, guests) in the directions of the most adventurous with amazing accuracy and insight . The resulting music is dense in its way, with a modern underlying always subtly present but always keeps a great flexibility, fluidity for the listener, allowing him to perceive through the apparent complexity of the sound material that exists behind the sound. An entire music and passionate, committed and enjoyment, this big set that positions among the most stimulating of his generation.

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