Handel: L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, HWV 55 Chor & Orchester der J.S. Bach-Stiftung, Rudolf Lutz

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Label: J.S. Bach-Stiftung

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Chor & Orchester der J.S. Bach-Stiftung, Rudolf Lutz

Composer: George Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)

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  • George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759):
  • 1Radamisto, HWV 12a: Overture02:27
  • L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, HWV 55, Pt. 1:
  • 2Accompagnato: Hence, loathed Melancholy (Tenor)01:46
  • 3Accompagnato: Hence, vain deluding joys (Alto)01:03
  • 4Air: Come, thou Goddess fair and free (Soprano)01:24
  • 5Come rather, Goddess, sage and holy (Alto)03:01
  • 6Air: Haste thee, nymph (Tenor, Chorus)01:06
  • 7Chor: Haste thee, nymph (Tenor, Chorus)01:03
  • 8Air: Come and trip it (Tenor, Chorus)01:20
  • 9Chor: Come and trip it (Tenor, Chorus)01:12
  • 10Accompagnato: There, held in holy passion still (Soprano)02:33
  • 11Chor: Join with thee (Chorus)00:57
  • 12Recitativo: Hence, loathed Melancholy (Tenor)00:21
  • 13Recitative: If I give thee honour due (Soprano)00:11
  • 14Air: Mirth, admit me of thy crew (Soprano)03:26
  • 15Recitative: First and chief, on golden wing (soprano)00:55
  • 16Air: Sweet Bird That Shunn'st the Noise of Folly (Soprano)12:10
  • 17Recitative: If I give thee honour due (L'Allegro: Bass)00:11
  • 18Air: Mirth, admit me of thy crew (Bass)02:01
  • 19Air: Oft, on a plat of rising ground (Soprano)03:14
  • 20Recitative: If I give thee honour due (L'Allegro: Tenor)00:11
  • 21Air: Let me wander not unseen (Tenor)01:35
  • 22Accompagnato: Mountains, on whose barren breast (Bass)01:36
  • 23Air: Or let the merry bells ring round (Tenor)01:11
  • 24And young and old come forth to play (Chorus)02:38
  • L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, HWV 55, Pt. 2:
  • 25Accompagnato: Hence, vain deluding Joys (Il Penseroso: Soprano)01:25
  • 26Air: But oh, sad virgin (Soprano)06:19
  • 27Recitative: Thus, Night, oft see me (Soprano)00:25
  • 28Bass solo (L'Allegro: Bass) and Chorus - Populous cities please me then03:12
  • 29Accompagnato: Me, when the Sun begins to fling (Il Penseroso: Soprano)00:46
  • 30Air: Hide me from Day's garnish eye (Soprano)02:34
  • 31Air: I'll to the well-trod stage anon (Il Allegro: Tenor)01:49
  • 32Air: And ever against eating cares (Soprano)02:22
  • 33These delights if thou canst give (Tenor)01:33
  • 34These delights if thou canst give (Chorus)01:32
  • 35Recitative - But ley my due feet never fail (Il Penseroso: Soprano)00:44
  • 36Recitative: There let the pealing organ blow (Chorus)02:30
  • 37Chorus: These pleasures, Melancholy, give (Soprano)03:11
  • L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, HWV 55, Pt. 3:
  • 38Accompagnato: Hence! Boast not, ye profane (Il Moderato: Bass)00:31
  • 39Air: Come, with native lustre shine (Bass)02:40
  • 40Accompagnato: Sweet Temp'rance (Bass)01:13
  • 41All this company serene (Chorus)01:26
  • 42Air: Come, with gentle hand restrain (Soprano)01:36
  • 43Recitative: No more short life they then will spend in straying (Tenor)00:52
  • 44Air - Each action will derive new grace (Tenor)02:08
  • 45As steals the morn upon the night (Soprano and Tenor)06:05
  • 46Chorus: Thy pleasures, Moderation, give02:46
  • Total Runtime01:35:11

Info for Handel: L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato, HWV 55

A shepherd’s ode as an enactment of emotion, an exploration of culture, and a glorious paean to music.

The portrayal of emotion is at the heart of all music. This “shepherd’s ode” by George Frideric Handel illustrates the head-to-head of two contrasting personalities ere they are joined by a third person, “Il Moderato”, who aims to reconcile the duelling characters with soberminded rationality.

Joanne Lunn, soprano
Charles Daniels, tenor
Peter Harvey, bass
Chor & Orchester der J.S. Bach-Stiftung
Rudolf Lutz, conductor

Rudolf Lutz
(1951) is lecturer in improvisation at the “Schola Cantorum Basiliensis”, the University of Early Music, Basle. At this specialist school for historical performance practice, he and three colleagues instruct around 30 students in the keyboard instrument department.

In St. Gallen, Rudolf Lutz is organist of the church “St. Laurenzen Kirche”, a post he has held since 1973. He is also conductor of the “St. Galler Kammerensemble”, which he has led since 1986. From 1986 to 2008, he conducted the “Bach-Chor St. Gallen”.

Rudolf Lutz was appointed artistic director of the J. S. Bach Foundation of St. Gallen in 2006. In view of the foundation’s mission to perform Bach’s complete vocal works, Rudolf Lutz established the Orchestra and Choir of the J. S. Bach Foundation, as well as a permanent group of soloists.

The Choir and Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation was founded by Rudolf Lutz in 2006. The ensemble consists of professional musicians from the whole of Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria. All its members are experienced in historical performance practices and relish the challenge of exploring a contemporary and vital interpretation of Bach's cantatas. The Choir and Orchestra consists of regular members, with extra musicians being engaged according to the demands of the work performed. The choir's size varies in the range of up to 40 voices, and is made up of young professional singers. Individual members receive the opportunity to take on solo roles from time to time.

Conducted by Rudolf Lutz, the Choir and Orchestra has been performing Bach’s cantatas in a monthly concert cycle since October 2006. Throughout the ongoing work of this project, it has continually developed and matured. Today, the ensemble is distinguished by its homogenous, yet flexible sound and its wealth of experience in the interpretation of Bach’s works. The quality and of vitality of its performances have garnered the group notable critical acclaim. In recent years, the Choir and Orchestra has ventured beyond its home concert hall in Trogen, Switzerland, and now gives regular concerts both nationally and internationally.

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