Chopin: Complete Etudes Alessandro Deljavan

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Label: Brilliant Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Alessandro Deljavan

Composer: Frédéric François Chopin (1810-1849)

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  • 1I. Etude in C Major Waterfall. Allegro02:03
  • 2II. Etude in A Minor. Allegro01:31
  • 3III. Etude in E Major Tristesse. Lento ma non troppo04:26
  • 4IV. Etude in C-Sharp Minor. Presto02:08
  • 5V. Etude in G-Flat Major Black Keys. Vivace01:48
  • 6VI. Etude in E-Flat Minor. Andante03:51
  • 7VII. Etude in C Major. Vivace01:41
  • 8VIII. Etude in F Major. Allegro02:21
  • 9IX. Etude in F Minor. Allegro molto agitato02:33
  • 10X. Etude in A-Flat Major. Vivace assai02:21
  • 11XI. Etude in E-Flat Major. Allegretto02:30
  • 12XII. Etude in C Minor Revolutionary. Allegro con fuoco02:48
  • 13I. Etude in A-Flat Major Aeolian Harp. Allegro sostenuto02:32
  • 14II. Etude in F Minor. Presto01:57
  • 15III. Etude in F Major. Allegro01:55
  • 16IV. Etude in A Minor. Agitato01:45
  • 17V. Etude in E Minor. Vivace03:43
  • 18VI. Etude in G-Sharp Minor. Allegro02:16
  • 19VII. Etude in C-Sharp Minor. Lento06:02
  • 20VIII. Etude in D-Flat Major. Vivace01:13
  • 21IX. Etude in G-Flat Major Butterfly. Allegro assai01:10
  • 22X. Etude in B Minor. Allegro con fuoco04:11
  • 23XI. Etude in A Minor Winter Wind. Lento03:42
  • 24XII. Etude in C Minor. Allegro molto con fuoco02:52
  • 25I. Andantino in F Minor02:30
  • 26II. Allegretto in D-Flat Major02:10
  • 27III. Allegretto in A-Flat Major02:10
  • Total Runtime01:10:09

Info for Chopin: Complete Etudes

Chopin Etudes are the Mount Everest for every concert pianist: the combination of technical difficulties of the highest level and a rich and complex musical content make them even today the biggest challenge a mortal pianist can meet.

Young Italian pianist Alessandro Deljavan presents a strong and highly personal interpretation: deeply poetic and passionate, backed by a superlative technical mastery. · Deljavan is one of the most remarkable pianists of his generation. “His playing is full of intensive power and contagious artistry” (Dmitri Bashkirov), “he is one of the most interesting pianists I’ve heard in my life” (Fou Ts’Ong), “he is one of the most major talents of his age” (John Perry), “Jaw-dropping virtuosity and heart-stopping eloquence” (Dallas Morning News).

Alessandro Deljavan, piano

Alessandro Deljavan
graduated in 2003 from the Conservatorio Statale di Musica Giuseppe Verdi, Milan, under the guidance of Riccardo Risaliti. From 2003-2005, he studied with E. Belli at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica G. B. Pergolesi, Fermo. He also earned his post-graduate degree at the Music University “G. Braga” in Teramo in 2007.

Throughout the 1990s, while still a youngster, Deljavan played in every major city in Italy and in a number of cities around the world. He competed in numerous national and international competitions, often capturing first prize, including top honors at the 1996 Concours musical de France in Paris. In 2005, he won second prize at the 'Johann Nepomuk Hummel International Competition' in Bratislava and took the 5th prize at the 'Gina Bachauer' Junior Artists Competition in Salt Lake City (the first Italian in the history of the competition).

At the age of 22, Deljavan won the 'John Giordano Jury Discretionary Award' at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and was confirmed by the critics as: 'The most accomplished and charismatic musicians of his generation'.

Deljavan is among the select young artists attending the International Piano Academy at Lake Como, Italy, under the tutelage of the academy’s art director, William Grant Nabore.

He is collaborating with us with a lot recordings (Schubert, Satie, Brahms, Rubinstein, Alkan). He recently took part on the recording of the Cramer's etudes produced by OnClassical for the Naxos label.

This album contains no booklet.

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