An American Treasure (Deluxe) Tom Petty

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Label: Reprise

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

Artist: Tom Petty

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  • 1Surrender (Outtake, 1976)03:18
  • 2Listen to Her Heart (Live at The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, 4/23/77)03:19
  • 3Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll (Live at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA, 11/11/77)03:37
  • 4When the Time Comes (2018 Remaster)03:04
  • 5You're Gonna Get It (Alternate Version, 1978)03:14
  • 6Radio Promotion Spot (1977)00:27
  • 7Rockin' Around (With You) (2018 Remaster)02:19
  • 8Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) (Alternate Version, 1976)04:10
  • 9Breakdown (Live at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA, 11/11/77)05:21
  • 10The Wild One, Forever (2018 Remaster)03:00
  • 11No Second Thoughts (2018 Remaster)02:38
  • 12Here Comes My Girl (Alternate Version, 1979)04:57
  • 13What Are You Doing in My Life (Alternate Version, 1979)03:30
  • 14Louisiana Rain (Alternate Version, 1979)05:04
  • 15Lost in Your Eyes (Outtake, 1974)04:48
  • 16Keep a Little Soul (Outtake, 1982)03:10
  • 17Even the Losers (Live at Rochester Community War Memorial, Rochester, NY, 9/9/89)03:29
  • 18Keeping Me Alive (Outtake, 1982)03:17
  • 19Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger (2018 Remaster)03:05
  • 20The Apartment Song (Demo, 1984)02:34
  • 21Concert Intro (Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA, 6/28/81)00:10
  • 22Kings Road (Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA, 6/28/81)05:13
  • 23Clear the Aisles (Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA, 6/28/81)00:16
  • 24A Woman in Love (It's Not Me) (Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA, 6/28/81)05:51
  • 25Straight Into Darkness (Alternate Version, 1982)04:29
  • 26You Can Still Change Your Mind (2018 Remaster)04:01
  • 27Rebels (Alternate Version, 1985)05:18
  • 28Deliver Me (Alternate Version, 1982)03:55
  • 29Alright for Now (2018 Remaster)02:00
  • 30The Damage You've Done (Alternate Version, 1987)03:59
  • 31The Best of Everything (Alternate Version, 1985)04:02
  • 32Walkin' from the Fire (Outtake, 1984)04:44
  • 33King of the Hill (Early Take, 1987)04:00
  • 34I Won't Back Down (Live at The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, 2/4/87)03:39
  • 35Gainesville (Outtake, 1998)04:05
  • 36You and I Will Meet Again (2018 Remaster)03:37
  • 37Into the Great Wide Open (Live at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 11/24/91)04:16
  • 38Two Gunslingers (Live at The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, 5/25/13)03:50
  • 39Lonesome Dave (Outtake, 1993)03:41
  • 40To Find a Friend (2018 Remaster)03:19
  • 41Crawling Back to You (2018 Remaster)05:02
  • 42Wake Up Time (Alternate Take, 1992)05:30
  • 43Grew Up Fast (2018 Remaster)05:05
  • 44I Don't Belong (Outtake, 1998)02:54
  • 45Accused of Love (2018 Remaster)02:44
  • 46Lonesome Sundown (2018 Remaster)04:31
  • 47Don't Fade on Me (Alternate Take, 1994)04:27
  • 48You and Me (Clubhouse Version, 2007)03:12
  • 49Have Love Will Travel (2018 Remaster)04:05
  • 50Money Becomes King (2018 Remaster)05:11
  • 51Bus to Tampa Bay (Outtake, 2011)02:55
  • 52Saving Grace (Live at Malibu Performing Arts Center, Malibu, CA, 7/26/06)03:30
  • 53Down South (2018 Remaster)03:25
  • 54Southern Accents (Live at Stephen C. O'Connell Center, Gainesville, FL, 9/21/06)05:02
  • 55Insider (Live at Stephen C. O'Connell Center, Gainesville, FL, 9/21/06)04:56
  • 56Two Men Talking (Outtake, 2012)06:53
  • 57Fault Lines (2018 Remaster)04:28
  • 58Sins of My Youth (Early Take, 2012)03:39
  • 59Good Enough (Alternate Version, 2012)05:48
  • 60Something Good Coming (2018 Remaster)04:10
  • 61Save Your Water (2018 Remaster)03:17
  • 62Like a Diamond (Alternate Version, 2002)04:15
  • 63Hungry No More (Live at House of Blues, Boston, MA, 6/15/16)07:19
  • Total Runtime04:05:04

Info for An American Treasure (Deluxe)

Reprise Records will release An American Treasure—a career-spanning Tom Petty box set. The 60-track set unveils dozens of previously unreleased recordings, alternate versions of classic songs, rarities, historic live performances and deep tracks that spotlight Tom’s remarkable depth and evolution as a revered and tremendously influential songwriter, recording artist and performer. An American Treasure marks the first release of Tom Petty music since the artist’s tragic passing in October 2017.

The first single from An American Treasure is “Keep A Little Soul”—a previously unreleased recording from 1982 sessions that resulted in Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ classic album, Long After Dark.

Tom’s daughter, Adria Petty, and his wife, Dana Petty, were the primary catalysts for the commission, creation and release of An American Treasure¬—a tribute and love letter pointing to the music in between the hits, and a strong musical portrait of the person they know in their hearts. Adria and Dana both serve as the project’s Executive Producers, and, together with Tom’s bandmates of 45 years, Heartbreakers Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, and his studio collaborator, Ryan Ulyate, curated the box set’s track list from Petty’s rich song catalog. Campbell, Tench and Ulyate also produced An American Treasure.

An American Treasure: Deluxe Edition 4 album-set that features all 60 tracks, plus a 52-page booklet with rare and previously unseen photographs of Tom, his bandmates, family and friends. The booklet also features detailed track-by-track liner notes by noted journalist and Tom Petty aficionado Bud Scoppa, who drew upon his previous interviews with Tom and new conversations with Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench and Ryan Ulyate, as well as Adria and Dana Petty.

All newly released recordings on An American Treasure have been mixed by Ryan Ulyate from pristine transfers of the original studio multitrack masters. All 60 recordings have been re-mastered for this collection by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Tom Petty

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