Doom Crew Inc. Black Label Society

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Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Hard Rock

Artist: Black Label Society

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  • 1Set You Free03:57
  • 2Destroy & Conquer04:41
  • 3You Made Me Want To Live04:31
  • 4Forever And A Day04:09
  • 5End Of Days05:22
  • 6Ruins05:47
  • 7Forsaken05:54
  • 8Love Reign Down (2021 Version)05:48
  • 9Gospel Of Lies06:32
  • 10Shelter Me05:28
  • 11Gather All My Sins04:18
  • 12Farewell Ballad06:39
  • Total Runtime01:03:06

Info for Doom Crew Inc.

Black Label Society builds their music on this simple truth, truth as self-evident on Back in Black as on the dozen songs comprising Doom Crew Inc., the eleventh album from the dependable stalwarts. Doom Crew Inc. is both a tribute to the band's "first to bleed, last to leave" road crew and a salute to the legion whose support, stretching back to 1998, rivals that of the KISS Army.

The Black Label Society biker-style battle vest "kutte" is as ubiquitous at hard rock and metal shows as a black t-shirt. A charismatic heavy metal marauder recognized worldwide as a living legend, Wylde rose to prominence when Ozzy Osbourne chose him as his loyal axe-man, based on a cassette he mailed in as a teen. Guitar World put him on their cover more than a dozen times in recognition of his work on multiplatinum albums by the icon he calls "the Boss" and the two decades of music made by BLS.

Doom Crew Inc. sees Zakk trading solos and twin-guitar parts with Dario Lorina, backed by the rumble of longtime bassist John "J.D." DeServio and powerhouse drummer Jeff Fabb. Like every BLS album since 2010, the band tracked Doom Crew Inc. at Zakk's home studio, aka the Black Vatican.

The beautiful simplicity of BLS bangers owe everything to the lessons Wylde first heard on We Sold Our Soul for Rock N' Roll. "Less is more with everything," he says. "Except the guitar solos."

Black Label Society

Black Label Society
are the ongoing musical creation of infamous guitarist Zakk Wylde, who was plucked from obscurity by Ozzy Osbourne in 1987 and soon became a household name among heavy metal enthusiasts. Black Label Society were formed in 1998 after Wylde split from Ozzy and company. They recently released Unblackened, a live CD/DVD featuring a batch of stripped-down versions of their songs. The CD contains six bonus tracks, including covers of "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers and "A Song For You" by Leon Russell. Concerts give ticket holders plenty of bang for their buck. The band is a world-class live act, dishing out powerful sets of blues-based rock and metal songs fueled by Wylde's unmistakable guitar work and vocals. The band's recent unplugged-style concert performances may hint to a mellower approach in the future.

By the time Wylde embarked upon and struck out on his own solo career, he was a well-established name in the rock community. This eventually allowed him to achieve stand-alone success with the formation of Black Label Society and the debut album, Sonic Brew. Eight more albums, along with subsequent tours, were to follow. Their most popular studio release was Order Of The Black, which hit shelves in August 2010 and reached No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. The band has another studio album that is set for release sometime in 2014. Whether it will rediscover the band's hard rocking roots or continue in the mellower vein is a mystery. Based on the band's history, it's anyone's guess.

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