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  • 1We Stood As One05:37
  • 2Acts Of War04:01
  • 3Monster EDIT04:20
  • 4Fause Fause04:44
  • 5Rainbow's Gold03:55
  • 6Will You Come Home04:01
  • 7Nights At The Chez05:05
  • 8Simple Thought03:28
  • 9You Can See Everything04:36
  • 10Windmill Sails04:25
  • 11Four Extraordinary Days04:27
  • 12Bright To Brighter04:57
  • 13Sparrow02:58
  • 14Silvia's River03:59
  • 15Strange World03:15
  • 16Carrickfergus04:27
  • 17L'inverno - Largo01:56
  • 18The silver swan03:43
  • 19A Riverside Town - Jiang Cheng Ji05:40
  • Total Runtime01:19:34

Info for Closer To The Music Vol. 5

Just as it’s four predecessors did, the compilation „closer to the music Vol.5 “ provides an aural overview of the latest and the forthcoming Stockfisch productions - this time for 2015. More than 79 minutes of unusual recordings and fascinating music.

The Norwegian singer/songwriter/guitarist KERSTIN BLODIG presents her debut-album on Stockfisch. The recordings took place in a clearing in one of Germany’s largest forest areas - in Solling. The rich natural atmosphere - including birdsong & sounds from the vegetation - fits wonderfully to Kerstin’s haunting Norwegian songs and soulful acoustic-guitar playing. We have already had the pleasure of experiencing guitar legend DON ROSS as accompanist for Brooke Miller in Northeim, and now he has played in his own solo-CD. This is virtuoso guitar music coupled with a warm voice, including a cover of Sting’s “If You Love Somebody”. Stockfisch is particularly proud and happy to welcome the famous American singer-songwriter CARRIE NEWCOMER to the fold. Her rich velvety voice and heartfelt songs captivate audiences world-wide. A further international star was in Northeim: TONY CHRISTIE - yes the Tony Christie! He came to the Stockfisch studios together with the musicians from RANAGRI to make an album of Irish songs. Tony has strong Irish roots and interprets the songs with his very individual voice supported by wonderful acoustic arrangements.

Naturally ALLAN TAYLOR is of course represented with a song song of his last album “All Is One”; the New York songwriter STEVE STRAUSS presents his 3rd Stockfisch album and established popular label stars DAVID ROTH and PAUL STEPHENSON let us hear excerpts from their current albums.

A very special part of this compilation are tracks 17 to 19, not just because they come from the the so-called “classical music” genre, but also because of the sound-technical aspect - a true wealth of sonic treasures - which we wanted to present to you. The LA FOLIA BAROCKORCHESTER played in violin concertos - by Vivaldi and Brescianello. Each instrument was played by only a single player - “closer to the music” par excellence! With our friends from The SPIRIT of GAMBO we went to Haarlem (NL) and did the very first (!) recording ever of the complete “First Set of Madrigals and Mottets of 5. parts“ by Orlando Gibbons. Last and certainly not least we present a piece by China’s most famous female singer, SON ZUYING, whose album we recorded in Bejing. At the recent 57th Annual GRAMMY awards (2015) this SACD was nominated in the category “Best Surround Sound Album”.

DSD: The here offered DSD is a DSD PCM-to-DSD conversion. Not native DSD! Future Stockfisch productions are produced in PCM 88,2 kHz / 24bit. The Stockfisch DMM-CD/SACD always has a native DSD layer. With a high quality DSD D/A converter, the sound quality should be better than the FLAC 44.1 kHz, 24 bit.

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