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Label: Naxos

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Concerto de Bassus & Franz Hauk

Composer: Johann Simon Mayr (1763–1845)

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  • Johann Simon Mayr (1763 - 1845): I Cherusci, Act I:
  • 1I Cherusci, Act I: Sinfonia06:10
  • 2I Cherusci, Act I: Udite - Vinta cadrà Cheruscia04:38
  • 3I Cherusci, Act I: Che intesi!01:08
  • 4I Cherusci, Act I: Fra noi ritorni il giubilo - Al valor07:45
  • 5I Cherusci, Act I: Sostegni illustri dello stato00:38
  • 6I Cherusci, Act I: Il Ministro de' Numi s'avanza00:46
  • 7I Cherusci, Act I: Che ci reca Zarasto?02:02
  • 8I Cherusci, Act I: Eccomi a voi05:06
  • 9I Cherusci, Act I: Che si chiede da me? - I Cherusci discendono alle mura03:13
  • 10I Cherusci, Act I: La pietade col nemico03:36
  • 11I Cherusci, Act I: Ecco, ofidi il soggiorno02:04
  • 12I Cherusci, Act I: Paventi quel tiranno04:52
  • 13I Cherusci, Act I: E Rendo ancor non torna? - A pace02:47
  • 14I Cherusci, Act I: Tu sospiri?01:52
  • 15I Cherusci, Act I: Mia non è!06:23
  • 16I Cherusci, Act I: Carilo?01:31
  • 17I Cherusci, Act I: Se pietosi o giusti Numi04:49
  • 18I Cherusci, Act I: Fida Ercilda - Eccola01:29
  • 19I Cherusci, Act I: Trema, Tamaro01:09
  • 20I Cherusci, Act I: Taci...07:20
  • 21I Cherusci, Act I: Dunque non v'è più speme - Figli del Nume!02:21
  • 22I Cherusci, Act I: De' sommi Numi al soglio - Che farò! - A un dolce sguardo - Pur ti trovo - Vieni Tusnelda14:52
  • I Cherusci, Act II:
  • 23I Cherusci, Act II: Nume della vendetta04:28
  • 24I Cherusci, Act II: Ho risoluto03:43
  • 25I Cherusci, Act II: Tronchiamo01:50
  • 26I Cherusci, Act II: Vanne pur08:39
  • 27I Cherusci, Act II: Dunque s'ardisce ancora00:55
  • 28I Cherusci, Act II: Ecco l'ombrifero01:48
  • 29I Cherusci, Act II: Ove son!02:44
  • 30I Cherusci, Act II: Ombra dolente e pallida05:38
  • 31I Cherusci, Act II: Giovine sconsigliato! - Ah Carilo i disastri01:49
  • 32I Cherusci, Act II: Fosca nube in ciel minaccia04:10
  • 33I Cherusci, Act II: Ah sì tutto è perduto02:48
  • 34I Cherusci, Act II: Io non ho pace!01:17
  • 35I Cherusci, Act II: Qual suono08:59
  • 36I Cherusci, Act II: Misera dove fuggo! - Ferma, Signor04:03
  • 37I Cherusci, Act II: Che ascoltai!00:34
  • 38I Cherusci, Act II: Ah qual gioja...06:36
  • 39I Cherusci, Act II: Padre Mio!01:59
  • 40I Cherusci, Act II: Eccoli... - Ah padre!01:01
  • 41I Cherusci, Act II: Ah di quel giubbilo03:32
  • Total Runtime02:33:04

Info for Mayr: I Cherusci

Shortly after taking up the position of Thomaskantor in Leipzig in 1723, Bach wrote a Magnificat in E flat major for performance at Christmas. Around a decade later he revised the work, transposing it down to D major and making it more concise. Utilising a Biblical text, the piece is suffused with a series of memorable arias and choruses and orchestrated with spectacular grandeur. Lumen is a contemporary musical dialogue that urges empathy between the three Abrahamic religions. Translating the oratorio form into a unity of diversity, Robert M. Helmschrott has converted the poetry of the Old and New Testaments, the Torah and Quran into an interfaith language of sounds and singing.

Yvonne Prentki (Tusnelda)
Andrea Lauren Brown (Tamaro)
Katharina Konradi (Ercilda)
Markus Schäfer (Treuta)
Uwe Gottswinter (Carilo)
Andreas Mattersberger (Zarasto)
Members of the Bavarian State Opera Chorus
Simon Mayr Chorus & Concerto de Bassus
Franz Hauk, direction

Dr. Franz Hauk
Born in Neuburg an der Donau in 1955, Franz Hauk studied church and school music, with piano and organ, at the Munich Musikhochschule and in Salzburg. In 1988 he took his doctorate with a thesis on church music in Munich at the beginning of the 19th century. Since 1982 he has served as organist at Ingolstadt Minster, and since 1995 also as choirmaster.

He has given concerts in Europe and the United States and made a number of recordings. Since October 2002 he has taught in the historical performance and church music department of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Munich. He founded the Simon Mayr Chorus in 2003.

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