NES, Black String, Majid Bekkas, Nguyên Lê

Biographie NES, Black String, Majid Bekkas, Nguyên Lê

NES, Black String, Majid Bekkas, Nguyên Lê
Voice, energy and communion between three musicians : this is the alchemy that gives NES its particular taste. First of all NES is the golden voice of Nesrine Belmokh. This French-Algerian cello player and singer makes a game of different styles and languages, singing both in French, English and Arabic. Nesrine switches without any effort from blues to jazz, from soul music to French chanson. With a presence and a power of seduction out of range, she blurs any frontier out, to walk in total liberty through lands of emotions.

Explosive, languid, spiritual or melancholic, the young singer explores with her lyrics her research of identity, the feeling of love or the mere looking for happiness. Her meeting with the musical universe of the French cello player Matthieu Saglio gave birth to heart-taking songs, enhanced with the multiple colours of David Gadea’s drums.

Nesrine Belmokh
At the age of six, Nesrine Belmokh was already singing and playing the mandolin. Since then she hasn’t stopped carrying out many artistic lives. As a virtuoso cello player her career stands out in the world of classical music. She was selected by the grand Lorin Maazel to take part with the Valencian Orquesta de la Ópera Reina Sofía. In 2015 she joined the West Eastern Divan Orquestra from Daniel Barenboim, with whom she plays on an intensive international tour. On the same year she participates in the show of Amaluna del Circo del Sol as a protagonist. NES is her very personal project.

Matthieu Saglio
got famous as a first level cello player with an atypical and very personalised profile. Over the course of multiple projects and making his cello vibrating like no one else, Matthieu has been opening amazing new ways for his instrument, venturing into flamenco, jazz, Arabic-Andalusian music, African music, etc. In his multiple projects, where he usually also is composer, he has given concerts in more than 30 different countries. Enriched by this diversity, Matthieu offers the musical compositions of NES a unique and unclassifiable expression.

David Gadea
Ineluctable drummer of the Valencia scene, David Gadea has offered his percussions to internationally famous artists like Sole Giménez, Ximo Tébar, Manu Tenorio, Josemi Carmona, Thaïs Morell, etc. This collaboration with such a variety of bands brought him to play in many foreign countries around the world and to take part in countless recordings. David’ style is to be noticed straight away, due to the peculiar diversity of the colourful palette of his sounds. This finesse, combined with his communicative force, allows him to create a style of great richness.

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