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Frankie Fanelli
Then Frankie's regular ringsiders started to include Frank Sinatra, Vince Edwards, and a flock of other showbiz citizens, so finally the news did reach Hollywood. The big brass ears of RCA Victor began to wiggle and the next thing Frankie knew he was flying down to the corner of Sunset and Vine. He sang and everyone listened. The result Frankie was signed, his first record date set , and this is it.

Some singers can sing pop but not legit, or legit and not pop.Not Frankie. Some singers appeal to kids but not to grownups, or grownups and not kids. Not Frankie... He is a singer who defies this age of specialization a singer who will not compromise his God given voice a singer who opens his heart every time he opens his mouth.....and the audience, any audience is his.

Frankie has been singing all his life, as a kid back in New York, as a Navy navigator in the Korean war, as a determined young man who would take any job he could get just to be singing.And he always sings the best. Look at the lineup here, songs by Berlin, Fain and Webster, Van Heusan and Burke, Warren and Anderson, and Gershwin, the best of American popular music. And for variety's sake( also because he loves the music that flows in his veins) Frankie sings a few of his favorite Italian songs.

Singing is both a compulsion and a pleasure for Frankie,"I have to sing" he says"and i love it." We're glad he has to sing, we love it too.

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