Bozzo Barretti

Biographie Bozzo Barretti

Bozzo Barretti
was born in São Paulo with an early inclination for music. He began playing the piano intuitively at the age of five and composing at the age of eight. He graduated in classical composition from the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo (USP) and began his professional journey in 1975 with the progressive rock band "Mitra" at the iconic Iacanga festival. In 1980, he co-founded the band "Sabor de Veneno" (Flavour of Poison), accompanying musician and composer Arrigo Barnabé in various emblematic projects of the "Vanguarda Paulistana" movement.

Throughout the 1980s, he emerged as a prominent figure on the Brazilian music scene, collaborating with artists such as Laura Pausini, Tim Maia, Toquinho and Capital Inicial - a band in which he became a member, composing and producing several hits. His work as a studio musician and arranger extends to the production of soundtracks and jingles, themes for soap operas, as well as TV and radio programmes.

On his first solo instrumental album, Barretti presents a more introspective and "decelerated" approach, punctuated by piano pieces: He seeks inspiration in minimalism, serialism and subtle touches of atonalism, without losing the melodic essence, always the protagonist in his elegant musical writing.

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