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is a Swedish band. Its core members are Lars Hallbäck, Richard Stenström and Göran Edman. The band's music, according to AllMusic, is a blend of rock and pop.[2] As stated by The Midland Rocks, "Crossfade don't succumb to the saminess or pale imitation syndromes that afflicts so many bands in this genre." Adding to the Crossfade sound are well known musicians like singer Göran Edman, (known from Yngwie Malmsteen, Brazen Abbot), drummer Per Lindvall (ABBA, A-ha), bass player Sven Lindvall (A-ha, Kullrusk) and saxophone player Wojtek Goral (Stevie Wonder, Peter Getz) among others.

The first album "White on Blue" was released in 2004 on the German label MTM and in Japan by Nippon Crown.

... as a duo in the town of Skövde (Sweden) in 1999 when the musical paths of guitarist Lars Hallbäck and keyboardist Richard Stenström crossed. Six months later, singer Göran Edman came along and Crossfade was formed.

The trio wrote songs together with Eva Olsson who writes all the lyrics. Then, along with drummer Per Lindvall and his brother Sven (bass), the now classic “transitioning from the 60's to date” Crossfade sound was born.

The debut album “White on Blue” hit the market in 2004

The sequel “Secret Love” was released in 2011 as both CD and DVD with 5.1 mix. Guest performances by Kalle Moraeus (violin) and Mats Ronander (Harmonica).

The saga continues...with

“Carousel”, the third album by the original Crossfade from Sweden.

Beginning in 2019, Crossfade is releasing a trilogy of albums in annual succession.

Starting off the series will be this first album named “Carousel” that will later be followed by - “Innocent days” and “Falling upwards”.

The idea was to make a couple of albums since we had a lot of songs ready but because we also loved the idea of vinyl albums. The playing time on a vinyl LP is restricted if you are to maintain high audio quality. Therefore, we have decided to release the songs on three separate albums that will be released not to long apart.

The core of the band remains with Göran Edman - vocals, Lars Hallbäck - guitars and Richard Stenström - keyboards. New blood is brought in by Felix Lehrmann on drums (Jon Anderson/Roine Stolt, Flower Kings) and Johan Granström on bass. Percussion is handled by Andreas Ekstedt and background vocals by Göran Edman and Anneli Axon.

The Carousel album is mixed by Lars Hallbäck at Fenix Studios and mastered by Tony Cousins (Peter Gabriel). Artwork by Blade Design (David Gilmore)

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