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  • 1Just Chill02:58
  • 2Tonight05:36
  • 3It Isn't Easy04:53
  • 4Show Me How05:13
  • 5Bright Tomorrow03:57
  • 6Mutual Love03:30
  • 7June Gloom06:26
  • 8Groove Therapy03:29
  • 9I Believe03:31
  • Total Runtime39:33

Info zu Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boyz is the brand new project from the two producers Fredfades and Jawn Rice. Hailing from Oslo and Lillehammer, the two have been collaborating on music for over ten years in different shapes and forms. They bonded immediately when they both bought their first SP1200’s back in 2007, but it wasn't until recently they decided to collaborate on a full project. The project is deeply rooted in traditional house and electronic music, but with their super jazzy signature touches. The project features vocalists such as Lucid Paradise, Stimulator Jones and Dreamcast who all contributes with soulful RNB oriented vocals. With Jawn Rice's "Highlights" and Fredfades' "Warmth” LP's well received in 2017, this is guaranteed to be one of the hottest deep house records of 2019. Get your Jacuzzi going already.

Jawn Rice
started as a producer in the well renowned crew Oslo SP Ensemble, creating dusty and hard-hitting beats on four of the five SPSHIT-tapes. From then til now, he's been experimenting a lot with different sounds searching for a good mixture between genres that inspire him, and create his own sound. The time has now come to present you that sound. "Highlights" is the forthcoming debut LP of Jawn Rice, twisting electronic, boogie and house Rice is setting himself a side from the more traditional genres and showcasing his intent as a producer.

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